BLACKPINK Jennie wears low-rise pants and the comments are exploding with inferiority complexes

Jennie wears low-rise pants

It suits her

[+140, -121]

1. [+131, -10] Seriously, it suits her so well ㅠㅠ

2. [+127, -13] The comments exploding with inferiority complexes are crazy..

3. [+113, -1] You guys are just jealous of Jennie, I bet you won’t be able to wear it until you die

4. [+75, -36] She really has no hips at all..

5. [+60, -28] She doesn’t suit it

6. [+49, -12] Her proportions are not good

7. [+41, -20] Ugly! I hate that her fans are posting business posts at this point

8. [+39, -10] Jennie’s proportions are not good, but her fans keep saying that she has good proportions

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