BLACKPINK Jennie’s photos are legendary on the cover of ‘ELLE U.S.’

BLACKPINK Jennie on the cover of ‘ELLE U.S.’ magazine December/January issue


1. Kim Jennie is a hot girl…

2. F*cking pretty

3. Can I be born as Jennie in the next life?

4 .Seriously, if I can be reborn, I want to live like Kim Jennie

5. Video of the interview in English on YouTube is good too

6. Crazy…

7. She looks like a model, she’s pretty and charming

8. Jennie seems to be good at taking pictorials, there are no photos that make me feel awkward

9. Jennie is cool and crazy

10. As expected, Jennie is always charming and pretty

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Her interview are the best, as expected the it girl


Yes i love that Rolling Stone interview where she admit that blackpink don’t do real rap. At least she’s aware of being untalented.


We are not talking about those btshit interview where they begged for western validation, hot 100, grammy lmaooo kiss that white ass forever

But I wasn’t done…

Whoa there. You gonna say this after the way bp embarrassed themselves from begging so hard for anybody to buy their flop record? Begged so hard Jeremy oppa got the knee pads out. Only one group needs to beg for westerners to notice them and it ain’t bts dear


And that one group is always be bts, even snoop dog admitted that bts even begged him for a collab, pathetic

But I wasn’t done…

Yawl knee deep in bts business and snoop never said that. However DJ Snake did say y’all were a flop fandom with no buying power. Your own hags went on an American beg tour with a $3 album to get y’all to buy it and it still flopped. BTS would never embarrass us like that.


Keep that energy to your fandom, this is a bp/jennie related post


Then why were you lurking in every BTS articles?? U r also so tired of watching ur lazy stupid loser girlies that u need to keep ur self watching something good so u go to Middle in army’s and BTS business don’t cry when u get the taste of ur own medicine and go see the shitty performance on stage which bp gave after 2 years yikes blinktwink


BTS have collaborated with very few western artist and in this the western artist wanted to collaborate they came to BTS and look what BTS have them their first hot 100 and other achievements while your girlies lick western artist feet to do collaboration still no one wants to do it and if someone does they tank hard just like bp so sir the fuck down losers


Y’all were crying to get Grammy nominations 🤣 and when you didn’t get what you wanted you started crying well this will happen only when you are a loser first get that bb100 then come to talk loser


She looks stunning 💜

spicy spice

she’s sooo damn good at magazine shoots.

But I wasn’t done…

So who gonna buy it this time in America??


Worry about flop jin flopping in his own country instead even with coldplay help 😭🤣

But I wasn’t done…

Definition of flopping in their own country is your daesangless hags. No awards inside or outside of their country. Jin and Hobi snatched all your solo records and the rest will be gone soon. A blank should never try to compare them hoes to actually successful musicians.


hobi getting ZERO music show wins snatching solo records where


she look so good ,she really look like a westeern actress


Blinks making Nate account in the name of knetz 😂 cuz real knetz call her Seoul cycle and lazy 4 hahs which doesn’t deserve the title of best gg cuz twice deserve that title and here blinktwink makes Nate account to talk shit about BTS in the name of knetz when they can focus on their girlies so these 4 losers won’t get embarrassed after looking at their viral videos in which they were tanking hard so Jendog told everyone to not take any video 😂


Get a life and worry about bts begging for western validation.


Begging for western validation = Blackpink losers lazy freaks untalented flopping 4 blacpink girlies and their loser fandom like you blinktwink

Jenslut mom is a gold digger

Her and lily depp are nepo bitch. Thats why both of them are best friend. Should I remind you guys jennie’s mom was a gold digger of rich old man who run business in gangnam


There’s a story when jennie’s mom visited yang hyun suk with expensive gift so he take care her daughter properly. Actually her mom is a typical whore

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