BLACKPINK Jisoo at the London concert was legendary

Jisoo at the London concert was legendary

These pictures are low quality, but she’s so cute and pretty

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1. Freaking cuteㅋㅋ

2. Wow she’s crazy

3. She’s pretty, she looks like a goddess, her face is crazy

4. What is this? Is she a goddess?

5. F*cking pretty…

6. Hul she’s seriously so pretty ㅠㅠ

7. Every time I see Jisoo, she looks really pretty when she smiles..

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Real Walaun

Doing barely nothing…


Your mom and your fad fav


And nothing about how this dozen jisoo keeps on forgetting choreos, embarrassing herself, can’t dance, can’t sing and giving the worst performances of her life which is in itself a milestone cuz girlie was already untalented to boot.

Its funny how YG curates articles for BP girlies so that only things about their brand deals, photoshoots or visuals gets translated and nothing about how unprofessional, lazy they have been as idols for years now. YG blocking jennie lazy video in 2018 already shows how they will go to extremes so that valid criticism doesn’t reach GP but couldn’t be assed to actually tell those girls to work hard. She is the biggest dozen kpop has seen to date & she doesn’t even try to improve. Pathetic


go and stan other talented girlies like IVE lol

But I wasn’t done…



Go get a job loser


They crucified Jesus too


4th gen visuals don’t hit like this


We hope not

Jisoo lover

Amazing personality, talented, gorgeous, Jisoo is perfect.

But I wasn’t done…

Queen dozen


is stiff jin

But I wasn’t done…

Not a jisoo stan talking. Jin is a great dancer and has never messed with the flow or lessened the standard of BTS performances.

Same can’t be said about necksoo


Jisoo’s beauty and talent pissed brainless freaks 😂

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