BLACKPINK Jisoo ‘FLOWER’ becomes the most viewed K-pop music video on YouTube this year

Only 9 days and 12 hours after its release, the number of views surpassed 107.73 million, becoming the highest-viewed K-pop MV released in 2023

1. Jisoo is daebak

2. The dance video also has a lot of views

3. It would be a real hit if it entered the Billboard Hot 100.. Why do Americans only watch the MV but not listen to the song?

4. Seriously awesome

5. It’s really hard to hit 100 million views these days

6. The video is high quality and Jisoo is so pretty

7. Personally, I find her ability lacking a lot, but it’s like the achievements that come with the value of the group’s name, she can’t sing, she can’t dance, she can’t even acting..

8. Why are you suddenly mentioning Billboard? BLACKPINK are Korean singers, not American singers

9. The song is so good and Jisoo is so pretty.. I think I’ve watched it 20 times already

10. I watched it about 8 times!

11. Jisoo in the MV is so pretty

12. Jisoo is so pretty and the song suits her so well

13. I really like the song, I knew it was going to be a hit

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8. Why are you suddenly mentioning Billboard? BLACKPINK are Korean singers, not American singers

You know what you’re saying is nonsense.If their troubles weren’t on the billboard, do you think they would have changed the broadcast time?


Queen jisooo, doing that with a korean song


good thing she’s a member of blackpink otherwise nobody would’ve watched this abnormality.. im sorry no one is gonna convince me this ass wipe failed experiment is a good song 😭
and her solos had the audacity of naming that shit as SOLO’s little sister……. don’t EVER disrespect mother and her song again

Teenaged puppy

Hate to break it to em but Americans are neither listening to the song or watching the video. You have your SEA stream farm to thank for the views.


American are listening to jimin horrible voice. So they are not that superior lol. Both fandom are deaf lol

Ladyboy lisa

‘Why are Americans only watching MV’ 🤣🤣🤣 they don’t know????


Americans are NOT watching the mv


SEA fans are broke but they’re good at streaming and making things go viral

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