BLACKPINK Jisoo gets criticized for saying she’s confident in acting

Hul BLACKPINK Jisoo’s confidence in actingㄷㄷ

Article today

“A genre of acting that I would like to challenge myself in?”

“A martial arts director at the action school said that I seem to have a knack for action”

“I’m confident.!”

[+446, -255]

1. [+298, -86] Don’t just be confident, please practice acting more ㅠ

2. [+284, -69] The industry director told her these words, but it’s funny that the Pann girls sitting in the corner of the room are cursing her when they don’t know anythingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+266, -26] Isn’t she just saying that she’ll do her best if given the opportunity? Why are you guys criticizing her?

4. [+189, -9] Is Jisoo the target of group chat rooms these days?

5. [+64, -30] She said that she’s confident in action acting because she’s a white belt in Taekwondoㅋ

6. [+30, -10] Where is her conscience?.. ㅋㅋㅋ She should just be an CF model.. Except for her pretty face, she doesn’t have any charm

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spicy spice

4. [+189, -9] Is Jisoo the target of group chat rooms these days?

lol. her fandom fighting left and right, literally got everyone’s neck yet playing their role as a victim.




They trying to play victim 😂😂


Her fandom is the worst in playing victim case. Maybe because she’s the only one not getting her solo album yet so her fandom still have that card to say Jisoo is the most pitiful member


you can’t act 💩 plz stfup


you = v leeching his friend to get that small role in hwarang but can’t act for 💩


v got that role by his own hard work 😚 but sadly your girlies couldn’t lmaoooo 😂🖕 they are 24/7 under fire for their shitty and lazy behaviour


“bUt SadLy yOur GirLies CouldNt”… not when the director begged her himself for the LEAD role lmao. Can’t say the same for your fave, well known for being the human leech


the funniest part is that it’s not even the reason he got that role.
The director auditioned V bc his daughter was a fan and he took V in bc he said he was good.
the supposed friends you’re talking about he literally met them on the set.
how can he get the role from a friend he doesnt know yet
maybe think before saying bs.


Everyone knew director got favor


she sucks. both as an idol and as an actress…


So shameless 😭


I think she is right tho, she is not awful like a lot of idols who tried acting for the forst time. I watched snowdrop and she was not the best among the cast but she was pretty good for a first timer. With more practice she can become a great actress


Watch the entire video. This post is misleading.

It is what it is

Let’s be real, the director just told her so to be kind, there’s no way stiff jisoo can be good at martial arts 😭
And yes, her acting is bad and her voice even worse 😩


her voice is the worst to acting T_T


Midsoo acting like a piece of wood and dancing same. and looks too.

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

She’s not actually bad in acting and her statement is taken out of context. However, my issue is with her voice. It’s a bit nasal. She just has to work this out


This girl lies according to situation. When sje is idol, she lies saying singing is her dream and she always want to sing. When it’s acting time, she shifts saying acting is her dream.. She actually has no dream because she said it herself. She got a role because of bp popularity and she is visual. She has white belt?? Imao, her body is super stiff. I don’t believe that lie until I see pics. Yg tagged her with something because she doesn’t have any achievements I think. People who r good at martial arts will look super confident and have good body. This girl looks like a log on stage with awkwardness. I don’t believe she had white belt. Moreover she doesn’t suit acting too. Anyone can actually do intense crying scene. That doesn’t prove her skills

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