BLACKPINK Jisoo speaks Korean at Coachella today

Jisoo speaks Korean at Coachella today

I felt so proud and touched when she spoke in Korean

Today she sang live so well, her visuals were legendary

[+323, -54]

1. [+152, -35] I like this. Instead of making a Japanese song or singing an English song by memorizing English, I prefer them to speak Korean confidently and sing in Korean because it’s K-pop

2. [+96, -9] Jisoo is #1 on US trends

3. [+85, -8] I fell in love with Jisoo after watching Whistle

4. [+82, -4] I’ve watched Whistle 3 times over and over, crazy

5. [+63, -6] Queen

6. [+51, -3] Ah, Kim Jisoo, you’re so pretty

7. [+33, -16] It’s just because she can’t speak English, it’s hard to memorize English so she only speaks Korean

8. [+33, -3] Kim Jisoo is the best

9. [+31, -78] Because she can’t speak English

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That’s because her english is not good 💀


Seriously, lol. It’s the same way how Itzy’s Yeji spoke Korean when she wanted to say something off script in US tour. I mean, why would you want to speak a language that maybe maybe %0.5 of the concert goers know when you want to say something to people.


Theres more plastic in her face than a plastic factory, she should stop doing plastic surgery and spend some time learning to sing

Teenaged puppy

They made no noise… again

Blackpink the youtube slaves

What hate speech? The admin is a blonk that delete any comment saying bp is untalented lol half my innocent comments are deleted


It’s normal when u’re not speaking fluent English. Athletes for example, most of them don’t speak in English when interviewed, but u don’t see their fans go “ABC speak xx during Olympic interviewed, I’m so proud..” dozen pink stans really only about visual & style but settle for mediocrity. Well, that’s why they stan the dozen in da 1st place


How can she speak English if she doesn’t know it.

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