BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo album surpassed 1 million copies in the first week today

It surpassed 100,000 copies today and accumulated over 1 million copiesㅋㅋ

1. All four BLACKPINK members hit the daebak with their solos

2. Wow, it’s crazy that female idols surpassed 1 million copies in the first week with their solos

3. Crazy, I really like Jisoo’s song

4. Jisoo-ah, congratulations

5. As expected, 1 million copies, Jisoo is so cool

6. Her digital and album sales are both good

7. Jisoo is the best

8. The solos of the BLACKPINK members are all amazing

9. Jisoo is opening the era of million album sales for female idols

10. Congratulations to Jisoo ㅠㅠ You’re so cool ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. Wow, this is crazy, congratulations

12. It’s good that Jisoo’s solo went well

13. Jisoo’s solo album is a big hit

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Fuck you

This is something army cant do for hobi and namjoon…army aka fandom that love all 7 members..oops only love certain members but need to act like ot7 to use namjoon and hobi talent for fanwar. At the end army are just solo stan that act to love all members lol. Army will come and give many excuse bla bla. Btw congrats blink..even though army love to shade your fandom for being fandom that full of solo stan, yall managed to support all 4 of them unlike biggest fandom in the world lol. Army are going to cry while seeing this comment bcuz its a fact lol. Stream on the streee, b1tch. Its out of global chart when its only 1month. And please make namjoon and hobi a million seller. Oops thats something you didnt want to waste your money, right? Nevermind, we already know it..nam and hobi are not your priority hehhehe


Blonks really don’t support Lisa. They only use for achievment for fanwars and keep quiet when getting dragged. Lisa is the 1st million seller and everyone knows it


didn’t yge stop reporting lisa’s sales? she was close to a million but stats were suddenly not updated…

Jisoo million seller

Yeah right😂 you think yg takes control of hanteo? They would’ve written about it if she sold over a million but they didn’t which means she hasn’t now don’t cry ab other member’s achievement


let’s be real. why blame it on army when it’s a fact that one of the biggest funds are from jimin focused accounts? $7k USD dollars donated by his solo fans and not counting more donations from his solo fanbase. not to mention that jimin solo fans are the best at streaming compared to other members’ solo fans. namjoon and jhope have fewer solo fanbases.

this couldn’t be achieved without pjms but ot7 armys will always discredit them lol


when both solo stans and ot7 armys realize that they need each other for these boys’ solo debut, is the day we know peace like there’s no need to point out which one contributes the most. Both sides did.

ot7 armys would just be doing fine without solo stans but the reason why there are have been struggles for solo debuts is because bts have 7 members and their solo releases always close to each other, not even gonna mention the collab songs that sometimes drop out of nowhere , both sides need to realize they need each other lol esp for the billboard ones.


true, I mean we as a fandom are used for like one cb a year and we always have longer period of times to collect funds and when they make a cb, we really pour our time and fund that we collect on it, now that these boys debuting solo , the collabs also randomly announced , the dates are being closer to each other, we’re back to square one where we slowly re-learning on how to multitask. It sucks that the whole fandom is learning throughout each member’s solo debut, it really can’t be helped that the shipment date also messed up the last three solo debuts, we can’t even relax and have time to keep supporting the other three releases by buying more copies because new stuffs keep dropping and these things are just keep adding and adding, so the whole fandom are forcefully need to put a hold on buying more copies of the previous solo albums to focus on the current upcoming project by another member , we can only add the songs from indigo, jitb, the astronaut, collab/ost songs on the playlists that we make to keep supporting them.

and this is where solo fanbases comes in to the scene I think. Since they have funds that they have collected and combining with funds being collected by ot7’s fanbases, it do helps or lessen the burden. But it’s just both sides keep fighting sometimes like damn put down the egos and work together in civil so the solo debut will go well. Fighting and making these accounts shut down two weeks before the album drops are not doing anything


no one is reading all this lol everyone knows bp got more akgaes more than ot4 stans and this is just a result of their chinese bars having a dick measuring contest with each other ☠️☠️


During lisa solo, Mass buying in china is banned. Her biggest solo bar is from China and it could not buy. Sje had organic sales


Thank you for the info, can’t correct my comment anymore but I’m replying to let you know I know now


Tf youre talking about jhope didnt even have physical copies, he pulled almost 400k for DIGITAL ALBUM ONLY and thats MORE than fuckass rose with her physical albums


LMAO,U wrote essay crying about ARMY when the topic is about your right wing queen?


That’s bc unlike BP solos which could easily pass as bp songs, bts rapline has a very differen and nonpop music

Grace Walker

J-Hope, headline act for (Jack In The Box), Lollapalooza, made history first artist to sell out with over 100,000.00, people in attendance for one night. Also RM, album was successful.


all 4 members did great with their solo I’m so proud😭


Define great

Ladyboy lisa

Thanks chinese and SEA 😂😂😂


Jflop and ratmonster can’t relate


What took her so long? Her dumbass dogs was so sure she’s a million seller on da day da albums was out. Even calling her ‘mIlLIoNs SeLlEr’ when it just a PrE oRdER, not an actual sales. BloNkS are naturally dumb but it was proven that they were dumber than average dumb people bcs they consumed da dozen midpink songs wbk

Last edited 7 months ago by BlinkPink
Jisoo million seller

It took her only 4 days how’s that long? You are the dumb one here, you even cared enough to read and leave a comment here what’s with the obsession ijbol


As expected the so-called biggest solo and most toxic stan are here again ijbol, you Lizards couldn’t accept the fact Jisoo sold a million before Lisa could even, suddenly hateo and yg were racist cuz you didn’t get the outcome you wished for lol

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