BLACKPINK Lisa is f*cking pretty with long hair

Lisa is f*cking pretty with long hair

Lisa stands out for her body proportions

Please keep your hair long ㅠㅠㅠ

[+40, -25]

1. [+11, -3] I thought she wouldn’t look good without bangs because of her wide forehead, but it’s pretty in its own way… Instead, it’s cool

2. [+11, -2] This hair is so perfect ㅠ

3. [+8, -15] Lisa, don’t renew your contract and return to your country

4. [+5, -0] Looks like she got 10 billion

5. [+5, -1] So cute…♥

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she changed her image since YG is creating another lisa in babymonster

Support trans Lisa

Really? Another transgender idol? And from YG, again?


Be fucking fr….Chiquita is a MINOR, a 14 yr old and you’re saying disgusting things like this?? How low and disrespectful can you antis be ?? Get a job.

Support trans Lisa

It’s so amazing that a member of the biggest girl group in the world is a transgender. Lisa is the ultimate LGBT representation.


ladyboy lisa


To anyone who still associates thailand with transgender and keep mocking lisa with thailand ladyboy, you are just showing how dumb you are. At least educate yourself. A trans will still has pasport/ID according to their birth gender. They are even still will be called to military service enlistment registration by the government. If they can’t fulfill the requirements, they will be free from the military training process. Lalisa is a born female, misgendering her will not make your fave more relevant and make you looks edgy. Your insult only show how pathetically jealous and how uneducate you are, idiot.


Calling her a ladybpi is way too much. She is a female amd u all jz want to insult her because she is more popular than ur favourites. Anyways lisa is talented humble popular beautiful. Amd a rat asking her to return to her country should know that lisa paid more tax in korea than ur existence bxxch. And she living korea will only be a big loss to korea


She is a nobody in Korea and the rest of the world. bp fans really think these girls are famous just because they crash events with celebrity and have yg paying for their mediaplay.. Let them have a career in SEA countries. At least they are known there.


She’s not more popular than my favorite but thanks for playing anyway


Lisa just surpassed blackpink, let her leave bp and let’s see if Jennie prn career is gonna cary them, and Korean opinions don’t matter they’re gonna go extinct soon

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