BLACKPINK Lisa is the best among female idols these days

I used to think that Lisa had the smallest presence back then but

I watched a lot of gifs and stages of BLACKPINK’ concerts, the real deal was Lisa. She’s freaking pretty, has good skills and even has a good personality.. Lisa is the best among female idols these days

[+233, -94]

1. [+90, -9] People say that you can’t win over hard working people who are talented, just look at Lisa. She’s talented but also so sincere ㄷㄷ

2. [+74, -77] Of course, it’s Lisa and the kids. Jisoo is just a stiff dancer

3. [+73, -12] She looks like a pop star when she’s on stage

4. [+68, -12] I also thought the same at first but the more I see the group, the more I understand why she’s became the biggest

5. [+44, -13] I think that her star factor is really crazy

6. [+15, -1] Looking at the concert pictures, she and Rosé stand out the most

7. [+12, -8] In my eyes, Lisa stands out the most because she’s so good

8. [+10, -8] BLACKPINK’s unique aura is from Lisa

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