Why Lisa needs to stop forcing us to care about her relationship

Lisa from Blackpink and Frederic Arnault is perhaps the blandest and the most evident mediaplayed relationship we’ve seen since Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s attempt of PR relationship to promote their mega flop movie, or similar to the foolery that was Bad Bunny and Kendall’s relationship (Bad Bunny can’t sell concert tickets and doesn’t have a hit song since the PR hype died). 

They have tried all ways to make that relationship relevant, even avoiding using VVIP areas in concerts and airports that obviously have private waiting rooms, or avoiding renting an entire restaurant for dates like old school billionaires that want to impress their beloved ones do. But that doesn’t work because they need everybody to notice them. 

Perhaps we will never know their real goal, is it to promote Louis Vuitton? (and it’s evident Lisa is forced to hide all her Hermés purses when she has to go out with him so his assistants—I mean random paparazzi, can take photos of them to go viral in China.)

Lilies (Lisa fans) circles that know a bit about fashion know there’s a long feud between luxury goods manufacturers Hermes and LVMH, nicknamed the “handbag war.”Arnaults obviously won’t promote their competition, which has been a conflict for Lisa and her beloved Hermés collection added to the collection she gave to her mother.

Well, Lisa’s Hermés collection has to be hidden and she can only use it when she goes shopping groceries. No matter how many times she attempted to freely show pretty purses on her instagram stories, 5 minutes later she’s forced to be seen in public with Fred with the ugliest LV bag you’ll imagine, because when it’s her time to work, an assistant always has a LV ready for her.

Anyways, tune in for the next attempt to show us the relationship, hopefully this time they can hold hands and smile so it doesn’t look like she’s being forced to be there. Her fans were happily celebrating her freedom from YG, don’t make so evident she fell into another slave contract.

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