BLACKPINK Lisa spotted at Coachella today

I don’t usually post pictures like this but she looked so pretty that I posted them for everyone to see

1. She looks like a dollㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. She’s pretty but her skirt is too short

3. Lisa’s messy hair suits her so well

4. It’s just a doll… Her proportions are good

5. Lisa is so pretty

6. If you see her in real life, she looks like a mannequin that was placed in a department store

7. I heard that she watched Jackson’s stage at Coachella

8. Is she a doll?

9. Wow, the outfit is so pretty, she really looks like a doll

10. Her proportions are so good and she’s so pretty

11. Wow, isn’t that a doll?

12. Her proportions are crazy, so pretty

13. She looks like a barbie doll

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