BLACKPINK Lisa spotted at Coachella today

I don’t usually post pictures like this but she looked so pretty that I posted them for everyone to see

1. She looks like a dollㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. She’s pretty but her skirt is too short

3. Lisa’s messy hair suits her so well

4. It’s just a doll… Her proportions are good

5. Lisa is so pretty

6. If you see her in real life, she looks like a mannequin that was placed in a department store

7. I heard that she watched Jackson’s stage at Coachella

8. Is she a doll?

9. Wow, the outfit is so pretty, she really looks like a doll

10. Her proportions are so good and she’s so pretty

11. Wow, isn’t that a doll?

12. Her proportions are crazy, so pretty

13. She looks like a barbie doll

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she is so pretty I love her look

Ladyboy lisa



I do like millions of people

Teenaged puppy

In asia maybe


no everywhere around the world that’s why they had concerts in every continent with thousands of people. I live in Europe and in my country even fan accounts have more than 20k followers which is big for my country. so hey are big everywhere


and do you use asia as some kind of bad word because they are humans too


comments here are fucking crazy damn. go outside.


THANK YOU!! finally normal people


This place is like an abandoned grave. There are too many brainless zombies.admin should block them. Normal people don’t want to waste their brain cells here.


tf is addicted to makeup


None 🙂


You hate both blackpink and bts at the same time . You take being a trash to a whole new level😂👌🏻

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She looks pretty but I agree that her dress or skirt is too short


She looks dirty but pretty

Color color stan

Eww jackson wang, ccp enabler and traitor to his country 🤮

Stupid btch

This is about lisa hoe

Ladyboy lisa

I thought it was some random men 😂

Ladyboy lisa

Might be evidence she’s actually a man 😮😮😮

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