BLACKPINK Lisa, Zendaya and Anne Hathaway meet at the Bulgari event in real time

In Venice, Italy

1. She’s Lisa, but she doesn’t look like Lisa

2. Lisa is f*cking pretty

3. I’ve never found Anne Hathaway attractive, but wow she’s so pretty

4. Wow Lisa is so pretty

5. Everyone is pretty, Lisa is seriously pretty, she’s a princess

6. What is Lisa? Is she a princess? So pretty

7. So pretty, I go crazy every time her picture comes out

8. Lisa is crazy, she’s so pretty

9. Wow daebak.. It’s like a meeting of Disney princesses

10. Hul Lisa, why are you so pretty?

11. Lisa’s style is so perfect, right????

12. It’s Princess Lisa

13. Lisa is just a princess

14. Wow Lisa, that hairstyle really suits you, so pretty

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