BLACKPINK Lisa’s fans bullied a Vogue journalist because Jennie is his bias

Recently, a viral photo of Blackpink’s Lisa and BTS’ V was posted in the Vogue article, in which the journalist mistakenly wrote Jennie’s name instead of Lisa. This led to confusion among fans.

Lisa fans concluded that the journalist did that on purpose because his bias is Jennie. Because of this misunderstanding, Lisa fans, who are known to be one of the most toxic fandoms of K-pop, started to send mass hate to both the journalist and the photographer of the Vogue.

The Vogue photographer has already shared his experience with the constant cyberbullying since yesterday in his Instagram story. He has politely addressed Lisa fans that they should remove all their hate comments otherwise he will never post Lisa photos again.

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He did it in purpose. Jendogs always scared of Lisa’s power 🔋


Lisa has no power but shaking her flat ass bye


Jenhag is an ugly jumpscare


Do you think Vogue editor / the photographer is a solo stan of blackpink lol. They just want clout from blackpink / kpop fans.


and did it rightfully actually!! there’s no confusing jennie and lisa when jennie literally has NOTHING to do with celine, that caption was put there purposely to cause hysteria. and oh well, if the photographer and vogue can’t walk the walk then they should’ve minded their own and be professional for once


also not him trying to deflect in that “APOLOGIZE to me” story as if he didn’t have “💍 soon?” in his Instagram caption before editing it cause everyone was on his ass lol weirdo


nah but why you post this lol I don’t understand the akgaes at all, you can have a bias and still support them all instead of trying to tear them and the fandom apart


you knnow he did it on purpose the last time this happened to y’all you started creaming racism, leave lisa alone ffs


He’s the photographer, he didn’t write the article or caption the photos


lmao you belive that shit


It clearly says article by Douglas Greenwood. Why would the photographer German Larkin have access to writing an article? They just submit photos and that’s it.

Like Crazy

He got the Taehyung right because everybody know the members. Meanwhile the bp girls are completely irrelevant in the west so the mistake is not surprising 🤭

Last edited 6 months ago by Like Crazy

girl… not even koreans know every bts member’s name

Teenaged puppy

Now why you lying. Bp are nobodies in the west meanwhile the bts member are recognized individually as Korea’s representatives

Logic Thinker

Please even an old man knows all the bts members names the became a MEME

Last edited 6 months ago by Logic Thinker
Cho d

He got lisa right in his article just fine, he obviously did it for clout and cause he’s a jendog, using lisa for his fave, unprofessional pig

who you

Don’t lie & exaggerate. You talk about us in the West. Believe me, not even most people in general because it’s too big but most of the Asian diaspora only know bts, Don’t lie & exaggerate. You talk about us in the West. Believe me, not even most people in general because it’s too big but most of the Asian diaspora only know bts, they rarely know the members individually plus their names, they can’t even spell it unless they’re Korean.


Man I like these sites for entertainment/news purposes but Pannkpop in particular just feels like fanwar propaganda lmfao


Like 80% of posts are regular news updates and then they sneak in 20% of just deluded anti-fan warfare and think nobody will notice lmfao

Just to be clear, I don’t have a stake in any of this at all. I’m a 2nd gen fan, and I mildly enjoy all other idols. This site just weirds me out sometimes.


That’s because this site is, basically twitter fanwar bs. Don’t know how anyone can take this site seriously. the comments are always the worst too.

Teenaged puppy

Tranny Lisa needs to control her twink fandom it’s getting pathetic

Logic Thinker

Why Tae is blamed too? Like who? Everyone could tell that kinda racist gettin the name wrong but it’s the editors and they probably jumped on the dating rumors


You should add caption before he edit too… Fck off 💍 soon..


Lisa has a really protruding forehead


they think lisa fan bullied coz his bias is jennifer lmao that dude is a weirdo I hope lillies bully him some more

d d

wow, the photographer sounds so mature. “APOLOGIZE to me otherwise I will never share her images ever again. Period” is he in 2nd grade? /s

Taehyung looks stupid in this photo; like he’s wearing one of those shirts with a tuxedo printed on it. I’m so tired of him.

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