BLACKPINK Lisa’s mother was spotted liking comments from Taelisa shippers

Fans recently noticed that Lisa’s mother has liked a comment from Taelisa/Taelice shippers, that said ‘Taehyung’s mother-in-law”

However, shippers are probably exaggerating the situation to prove their ship since her mother is known to like many comments accidentally.

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Ladyboy lisa

Eww disgusting, she wants the clout so bad. Need that man to stay away from Tae


Over liking comments on her OWN post. Yall sick


That your mom ladyboy


why is every sea kpop fan mentally ill?


I don’t know but for real is always them😳


I’m from SEA and I totally agree


you need to question why lisa’s family & friends is obsessed with the bts members aka tae & jungkook. always them liking shippers comments, posts.

Dot com

Yes, plss, at this point is getting ridiculous, if it were just once It could be a mistake but SO MANY mistakes ???
Get real, that’s why there are unhinged shippers, they feel validated when Lisa family does things like this


as per usual, nothing new. their families have always been weird about this, liking hyping and supporting “bangpink” shippers, it’s very… yea

Color color stan

Side eyeing her mother so bad. her mother’s a bts fan and her bias is taehyung sooooo. at her age she still acts like some teen shipper 🙄


Her whole family is weird af….like ewww what’s wrong with their brains??

WhatsThe Point

The people around those girls are so weird, the family and friends alike.

Side eyeing when we found out Lisa’s supposed bestie collaborated with a 18+ lizkook fanfic writer to celebrate Lisa’s birthday and the event was held with money that was raised by selling that 18+ fanfic disgusting 🤢

Teenaged puppy

Desperate Leech

Color color stan

Taehyung is not the one acting like a deranged shipper desperate to attach bts name to their child 😂

Teenaged puppy

I wasn’t talking about Tae 😭😭




My faves, their family and blonks are obsessed with the BTS members. Have been since before debut


guys stop the hate .
mother of lisa likes all coments from fans she even didnt read what is


damn! she is obsessed with tae???




Ew no
Tae is not dating that ladyboy
Keep dreaming monkey mom!!


Your mom monkey ladyboy


Her whole family including lisa are bunch of weirdos and are mentally ill. They need to stay away from th. Wtf is this? At her big age she can read comments no? Even if she likes everything there is a limit

Dot com

Seriously what’s wrong with Lisa’s family/friends acting like clout chaser after Jungkook and taehyung.
So pathetic, specially bc Lisa must know about it as well and she’s feeding people delusions

no one

tai monkey mom wants taehyung clout so bad so disgusting


LMAO what’s with her mother?? desperate


The comments… can’t wait for karma (vapours) to finish that bald tard


Lisa’s mom almost literally likes every every single comment from fans. And why shipper are stalking her mother? Leave her alone weirdos. she looks it as a joke. Here, the people who commented insult her were just as bad. May you be insulted by unknown people

Jinja 헐 Army Blink

Big forehead ladyboy and her crazy ass family better stop. It’s disgusting.

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