BLACKPINK only had 40 songs in their 7 years of career

BLACKPINK only had 40 songs in their 7 years of career

Their contract will end next month, they’ve been active for 7 years but if you count all the songs in the albums, the collab songs with foreign singers and the members’ solo songs, they only have 40 songs

If you count only the songs in the albums, they only have 30 songs… Crazy

Even if their contract is renewed, they will end after 10 more songs are released

[+112, -23]

1. [+131, -14] Instead, each album is a masterpiece, so there’s nothing to throw away. It’s better to make comebacks with legendary songs like BLACKPINK instead of constantly making comebacks with bad songs and ruining the image. Anyway, BLACKPINK is the top

2. [+117, -8] It’s better than constantly releasing flop songs and then going downhill

3. [+115, -8] Even so, BLACKPINK will still do well for a long time

4. [+96, -56] BLACKPINK’s foreign fans are telling the group to stop holding concerts and release albums, and they’re saying concerts are boring because they only sing the same songs at concerts…;;; Because they don’t have many songs

5. [+48, -1] Their concerts don’t seem to change…

6. [+30, -3] I’m so tired of listening to the same songs

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