BLACKPINK only had 40 songs in their 7 years of career

BLACKPINK only had 40 songs in their 7 years of career

Their contract will end next month, they’ve been active for 7 years but if you count all the songs in the albums, the collab songs with foreign singers and the members’ solo songs, they only have 40 songs

If you count only the songs in the albums, they only have 30 songs… Crazy

Even if their contract is renewed, they will end after 10 more songs are released

[+112, -23]

1. [+131, -14] Instead, each album is a masterpiece, so there’s nothing to throw away. It’s better to make comebacks with legendary songs like BLACKPINK instead of constantly making comebacks with bad songs and ruining the image. Anyway, BLACKPINK is the top

2. [+117, -8] It’s better than constantly releasing flop songs and then going downhill

3. [+115, -8] Even so, BLACKPINK will still do well for a long time

4. [+96, -56] BLACKPINK’s foreign fans are telling the group to stop holding concerts and release albums, and they’re saying concerts are boring because they only sing the same songs at concerts…;;; Because they don’t have many songs

5. [+48, -1] Their concerts don’t seem to change…

6. [+30, -3] I’m so tired of listening to the same songs

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so what. twice has 200+ songs and they are all shit.

Twice songs hit hard and every sane and normal person knows that. Since you are not normal nor sane…


only for oncels. no sane and normal person listens slutwice in 2k23

You wish it was true, lmao

all twice songs are worth to see live

sexy army

Twice releas almost 6 times a year and they shit floping hard


You can’t even write “release” “flopping” properly and you think your comment is valid


If they were the ones writing and producing this wouldn’t be so bad.


Naah that’s the problem. They don’t know how to write. There’s a reason why yg hasn’t released a song where they are the main credited songwriter.

Novia Fahrunisa

Lovesick Girls – Written by Jennie and Jisoo
Yeah Yeah Yeah – Written by Rose and Jisoo
On The Ground – Written by Rose
Gone – Written by Rose
Solo – Written by Jennie
Sexy Girls – Written by Lisa

Lisa – Songwriter and Composer 1 song
Jennie – Songwriter 2 songs and Composer 1 song
Rose – Songwriter 2 songs and Composer 1 song
Jisoo – Songwriter of 2 songs

Blackpink has also received credit as a CREATIVE DIRECTOR along with Teddy on the BORNPINK album. So you don’t have to worry, even though the credit that Blackpink receives as a Songwriter is not as much as other GG’s, they always take part in every comeback that is made and don’t just accept it, as the haters out there say.


These dummies won’t listen no matter how many times u told them



karmic disbandment

funny how you can give tiny credits like this so much yet when people complain about how repetitive the songs are, how cowardly it is to not perform their new ballads on their tour, how boring their styling is, how much ca they can fit into a year, how much they’d rather do their fashion gigs than their music, and more, suddenly it’s all yg and none of it was blackpink

Ladyboy Lisa

Have some shame, those girls don’t shit if u ask them about the song 😂

Not a fan

None of them are the main writers though they don’t even know how songs are made it was obvious when they had that one interview I think they just gave fees back and that’s why they were credited


And what? All 40 songs are back to back hits unlike 7 ladyboys in hybe

Grace Walker

Really? Don’t go there you do not want me to mic drop your behind. DID YOU SEE MY BAG TROPHY’S HELLA THICK.

karmic disbandment

you wish! have blackpink release a song that’s a ballad like yet to come and see how hard they flop because their fans only care about songs that degrade other women

karmic disbandment

the first comment the dickriding is insane😭 how can an album be a masterpiece if they’re just full of the same formulaic sounds with no artistic growth? bp’s so lucky they have insane meatmunchers with no ears and yg’s budget + mediaplay otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten this far at all.


blinks take what they can get. i dont think they realize they have power as a consumer to request for other producers lol. they’re 85% of yg’s clientele.


Blinks coping so hard lol


Why all of y’all saying twice this twice that when it’s literally blinks who wants more songs it’s not like once going to listen to bp songs or care about please worry about your own idol and stop being obsessed


I once would love if Bp released song for summer like as if it’s your last it was such summer bop hope yg let the girls shine more


And teddy needs to stop producing songs for them all of their latest songs sounds the same


Lol, they didn’t and won’t release music cuz fans don’t care abt their music, they’re obsessed with hating other groups 🤭


Yeahh well… this is what happens I’d you’re a part time influencer and a part time “singer”


They are on their sold out world tour and headlining biggest music festival, go worry about your oppa rot in the military

karmic disbandment

lisa the ladybody went to military first, thank you lisa oppa😭😭😭


The only ladyboy i know are those 7 ladyboys at hybe


I think tankpink is only 4…


BP only drops singles every few years so that their fans won’t notice that they’re the same formulated songs. It’s funny that even then, they get out performed by BTS and other ggs every year but somehow they’re media played as the top group.


Go stream suga flop collab w halsey instead

karmic disbandment

an ost for a game that did better than jennie’s collab with the most streamed artist on spotify mind you


Saying “did better” with your whole chest🤣 but where?


On spotify duh lol. Go and check by yourself lol. Or you dont have eyes anymore after watching that jenpornstar show? Lol

Last edited 4 months ago by Slutjenlazy

And she meant it, with both tiddies out, hag.


Tankpink loves giving big artist their first flop.


Yoongi tour out performing BP tour. Tankpink’s streams are way behind BTS’ even tho they’re on tour and BTS is on hiatus.

I’d be silent, twink.

Last edited 4 months ago by Tmi
Ladyboy Lisa

Who cares, they’re just part time singers 😭


Yet they are equally successful to someone is 180+ songs lol.

Grace Walker

They are successful but not equal to BTS, success.


You are on crack… just like your fave


they’re just influencers anyway, not singers

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