BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, TWICE, NCT, BTS, and Seventeen were all absent from awards ceremonies

I want to see all six groups…

1. Why didn’t Red Velvet attend? Do they have any schedule??

2. SM won’t let their idols attend if they can’t win an award

3. NCT didn’t attend because they were on tour ㅜㅜ

4. I want to see 3rd generation idols..ㅠ

5. NCT shouldn’t be in that lineup

6. Seventeen is on dome tour today!

7. NCT? They just steal other people’s awards

8. BTS is doing individual activities

9. J-Hope will attend this year’s MAMA

10. NCT doesn’t deserve to be in that lineup

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NCT sneak


“7. NCT? They just steal other people’s awards”

they’re not lying 💀💀💀


nct sneak lmao


Jflop coming to mama to snatch undeserved awards


armpit downvoting you coz they cant accept that oppa indeed flopped but shamelessly come.

Cranberry musk

Trolling Hobi while your faves backstage asking for pictures and autographs. Be serious


so what’s the correlation?

Cranberry musk

Crack a book open for once and find out


So, you really are an akgae


Nah babe hobi will be the only one whose mic on. He will burn the stage just relax. Stop posting hate comments and live a life bitch


so award for mic on?


No award for tae this year tho’


the shade on nct LMAOO dasurb


if nct shouldn’t come so jhope shouldn’t come too. Both flopped in kchart

Cranberry musk

Hobi still got your faves by the neck while you’re here deep throating his 🍆


Dear, you spilled bs here meanwhile tae and hobi are hugging

pranpriya m.

Honestly, the 3rd gen groups are so massively successful that their absence can really be felt. I’ve been a kpop fan since 2012 and it wasn’t like this during the transition from 2nd gen to 3rd gen because while 2nd gen was big, 3rd gen groups were already big too when they started except BTS who gradually rose to fame. So the popularity of 2nd gen and 3rd gen at the time was a bit more close(?) to each other. But now, the gap between 3rd gen and 4th gen groups is just so big so when the 3rd gen groups are not there, it’s so noticeable. But unfortunately, Kpop fans should get used to it because most 3rd gen groups are on a break, on a tour or in their chapter 2 and will not likely attend award shows anytime soon.


I just watched fot bangtannies awards and I’m gonna watch jhope’s stage for sure. That’s all. This years mama isn’t worth to watch all day… I miss bangtan but there is our hobi tomorrow. Im just waiting for hobi💜


Also congratulations BTS for Worldwide Icon daesang let’s go for 70th daesangs tomorrow 🔥🔥


Because every single of them is underperforming. Don’t flex at me the physical album sales. Their recent releases not doing as good as they used to. So awards are stolen by the deserved ones


then you have jhope who’s underperforming in chart worst than gg mention above come. lol

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