BLACKPINK Rosé and Park Jihoon look cool on GQ Korea May

GQ Korea May model Rosé, photoshoot Park Jihoon

1. Jihoon is pretty even though I can’t see his eyes

2. Park Jihoon’s long hair is crazy. His aura is no joke

3. Wow Rosé is so cool

4. Wow, Rosé’s first photo is daebak

5. I want to live with Jihoon’s face

6. Rosé looks like a model

7. Rosé’s aura is no joke, she’s so cool

8. Rosé’s aura is so cool

9. Rosé is really good at taking pictures

10. Park Jihoon is so cool with long hair

11. Wow, Park Jihoon’s long hair suits him so well

12. Rosé is too perfect for Saint Laurent

13. I was surprised when I saw Park Jihoon’s long hair.. He looks so good

14. Rosé… I think she’ll do well no matter what she does… I envy her…

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