BLACKPINK Rosé is the only member to renew her contract, Jisoo, Lisa and Jennie are being criticized

[Exclusive] BLACKPINK Rosé is the only member to renew her contract! Jisoo and Lisa move to other companies after receiving huge deposits… Prospect of working ‘separately and together’

Sports Seoul claimed that Rosé was the only member who ultimately chose to renew with YG. The other three members all turned down YG’s renewal offers, but expressed their intentions to continue BLACKPINK’s group activities

Sports Seoul said the three members are currently in the final stages of negotiations to promote in BLACKPINK group activities for 6 months out of a year

Jisoo and Lisa accepted exclusive contract offers worth tens of billions of KRW, they decided to sign with South Korean companies for representation

The media outlet made no further mention of Jennie’s predicted trajectory

1. Why are the comments here so crazy? Why are they suddenly criticizing the members?

2. Wow, the people here who talk about Jisoo’s acting look pathetic.. What the hell is going on?

3. Idols who are worse at acting than Jisoo are moving to acting agencies, but why are you guys criticizing her?

4. I think Lisa and Jennie signed contracts with US companies… Jisoo will become an actress

5. Jisoo’s acting potential… Where do they see that potential?

6. I’m sure everyone has different desires, but whatever they do, they will do it well. I always support them

7. Isn’t HYBE the only company that can sign contracts with them and pay tens of billions of dollars?

8. I feel that Jisoo’s voice doesn’t match her acting…

9. Lisa is working for a domestic company? I was so surprised

10. Jisoo’s solo was great but it’s a pity that she plans to become an actress

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