BLACKPINK Rosé seems to suit blonde the most among celebrities

Seriously, Rosé suits blonde hair so well..

Seriously awesome, blonde hair suits her so well

[+80, -20]

1. [+31, -4] The 3rd picture is like “I’m a Barbie girl”

2. [+25, -2] Seriously, Rosé is f*cking pretty

3. [+25, -17] Out of all the celebrities, only Taeyeon and Rosé suit blonde hair

4. [+8, -2] Freaking pretty

5. [+6, -3] She’s perfect with blonde hair

6. [+5, -1] I want to see her with brown hair because it’s pretty, but I can’t lose her blonde hair ㅠ

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That’s why she can’t give up on blonde. Also, the one that suits the blonde best is definitely hyo.


Hyoyeon is good but her skin color makes it difficult for her to suit just any shade of blonde, dirty/honey/golden (darker) blonde is the only thing that suits her. With sandy/ash/srawberry/grey/pink (lighter) blondes, she looks bad and with platinum she looks like an old auntie with white hair. Rosé has a naturally fair skin so it is easier for her to have different shades, both dark and light and it looks natural on her.


Rosé suits any hair color tbh


Despite being unnatural, Rosé is the best blonde, dyed or not

Ladyboy Lisa

Jeremy taste it seems


She is also the only one who looks ugly and basic without her blonde hair

Teenaged puppy

She knows she’ll look even more basic with black hair.

Ladyboy 화영

Another basic bi*ch alongside jenslut, ladyboy lisa and stiffsoo 🤣🤣🤣


I know her brain is fried too

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