BLACKPINK should stop with strong concepts

“Don’t you think their concepts are similar?

There’s nothing fresh and they’ve been obsessed with strong concepts, so much so that they just seem to be strong but don’t even look all that cool anymore

I don’t even know what their concept is anymore. I wonder if this is the best they can do?

The public wants to see something new, but they just can’t fall out from their safety mannerism”

A netizen posted on Pann talking about this, do you think BLACKPINK should stop with strong concepts and do something new?

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fxxk! Just becoz u see newjeans n ive then u want bp to be fresh like them. bare in mind they just rookies. ofcoz people will compare them with bp. lets see three n four years will this rookies will still look fresh. 🙄


I would wait until “Shut Down” has been released, but I mean, I can see where they’re coming from. The competition is fierce with girl groups as the fourth generation is coming to the forefront.


If they want girlish or bubblegum girlgroup go support them. Dont look and ask for a change from Blackpink. Those complaining doesnt even listen to their Bside and complained Blackpink only have one concept. Roll eye

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