BLACKPINK sold out all 5 stadiums in the US

BLACKPINK sold out all 5 stadiums in the US….

They are world classㄷㄷㄷ

[+130, -20]

1. [+51, -7] Among female idols, BLACKPINK is on another level, the first Asian female singer to be able to perform in all the stadiums in the world…..

2. [+43, -5] Honestly, even though they’re not world class like BTS, they’re world class as rookies. The first and only Asian female artist to have tour with 70% of concerts in the stadium, sold out 5 stadiums in the US, and entered the French stadium. If there is no distinction between male and female, among Asian artists, after BTS, there is only BLACKPINK

3. [+35, -5] Even so, it’s absurd that there aren’t any articles in our country..

4. [+20, -1] So cool

5. [+11, -0] No. 1 girl group in the world

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Lmao the sold out mediaplay yg is pathetic


There is no media play whatsoever. Yg barely promotes their tour and there are barely any articles made by yg in Korea as these netizens have stated. Y’all can’t admit that they’re organic.

go to touringdata website and you can see yourself that they DID sell out these stadiums.

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