BLACKPINK’s bodies are another level, they’re from another world

BLACKPINK’s bodies are another level… It was a journalist picture but I was so shocked

I feel like they’re from another world

1. Wow, their bodies look like avatar bodies in the game

2. First of all, their proportions are insane…

3. Lisa is crazy…… She looks like 170 but she’s actually 166… I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Rosé’s waistline and Jennie’s navel

4. Seriously BLACKPINK is awesome… Faces, bodies, skills and live performance, they have it all..

5. What is Jennie’s face size? She looks like AI

6. Lisa’s legs are amazing every time I see them

7. That’s why many luxury brands choose them as ambassadors;

8. Jennie was in the front so I saw her first, and her face looks like AI

9. They look like game characters

10. How can the human body be so thin?

11. The picture looks like it was cut from a game

12. Lisa is crazy……

13. Crazy… As expected from BLACKPINK

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