BLACKPINK’s Coachella as rated by a member of the KMA critic

cr @soglossy__

1. What? Isn’t BLACKPINK good at singing live?

2. I don’t know anything else, BLACKPINK’s singing skills are good

3. BLACKPINK sings live well so I’m proud of them

4. Among the stages of K-pop idols, I think they are one of the idols who are good at performing live

5. No, but if you look at BLACKPINK and say they have no skills, is there any group that can survive in K-pop?

6. If I spend money and go to the festival, I will want to see and enjoy the cool and interesting performances of BLACKPINK’s iconic songs… Isn’t that the purpose of the festival?

7. Should they wear a hanbok and sing the national anthem or cover Seo Taiji and Boys’ song? Overall, they did well as great K-pop stars;

8. What did you do for the country or what did you contribute to get BLACKPINK to this position? Why do you demand more from BLACKPINK?

9. The stage is decorated in Korean style enough for everyone to know about Korea, but what do you want?

10. I’m a fan of another group and I haven’t seen their performance yet, but I can’t empathize with you

11. I’m not a fan, but they’re so cool and good, I really can’t empathize with him at all

12. You want to tell the history of Korea at some festival ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s ridiculous

13. Honestly, he hates BLACKPINK

14. What have you done for the growth of K-pop?

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uga uga

I don’t give a shit so I didn’t watch it, but since everyone’s was praising and talking about it I thought they would have been cool. What’s this person talking about?


He is not a journalist, he is a critic who is a proven fan of Twice, obviously everyone knows that he speaks out of pure jealousy like you.


Pray tell how he is a proven fan of Twice. Where is this proof?


Some knetz and kblinks are quoting his tweet with a screenshot of his posts about Twice


that’s because you’re stupid, watch the presentation again🔇


Your faves ain’t performing their speak a lot coachelle doesn’t need anyone who lipsync


he is a once


If you have watched it you notice the back track was so loud and they didn’t even try to sing at some point and let the back track sing for them. The stage was more glorious compared to last time but the vocals was worse


lol you probably watch the streaming and use noise cancellation just like how hybe edited jimin worse voice but still bad. Go watch live


It is obvious you didn’t watch it . Did you watch money performance? Lisa didn’t bother holding her mic to sing the chorus and just danced . I’m not hating on them . I just say as an artist with lot of experience they need to be more prepared


Fans should accept the fact that idols heavily rely on loud backtracks n it’s the same for 99% of groups


yes, and that is why theyre criticizing them in the article


Yeah, like idk why ppl expect something deep from k-pop idols? Like, I listen to rock/metal bands, when I need a real talent)


Your idol i suppose, not mine


I love how blandpiss stans always bring up BTS. Just can’t stay without rubbing your clits to them. Oh wait blinks are a bunch of male rapists from SEA.


I’m really confused isn’t kpop about fireworks and outlandish settings? He’s never been recognized for powerful vocalists or meaningful messages, he expected to much


I mean
…. It’s at Coachella though, they should change to suit the environment. JHope did at lollapalooza.


He expected so much when bts is famous not even for talent but for army power

Like Crazy

Everybody recognize BTS talent stfu


He just wanted attention by hating blackpink


Keep lying to yourself. Cope


you probably saw jimin videos. the real coachella attendees have been praising them but of course pookaachi just living hating behind the screen lol


he’s hurt bts dont perform there when bts famous song butter not even talking about korean history. or maybe he wants Twice? lol even twice copy Jisoo hanbok. They cant even be original. Their concert make no noise on the same day of coachella.


I bet he’s one of twinkhyungs sugar daddiees 🤣


Im sorry everyone, I had a relapse because I just realized Jenslut gets rammed nightly by Crackśe long chin and I couldn’t cope.


Well at the end of the day k-pop is all abt visuals. Like when you take groups that are praised for their vocals, in fact, they’re below average and wouldn’t be praised anywhere else. K-pop is all abt pretty face, body and entertainment, so every time when fans call their faves multi-talented I cringe so hard.


” their songs don’t have any deep meanings” I beg your pardon: love to hate me, you never know, tally and the happiest girl would like to have a conversation with you..


Coachella is about fun, loud music, dr*gs, and crazy dance. I agree that Bad Bunny has shown something much better, he did something for Latin music BUT he is an artist, BP are idols. So don’t expect a performance like Bad Bunny (or for e.g BTS’s IDOL from MMA 2018) from a group whose members are just idols… Their performance was good, their main goal was to show that kpop music is cool, swaggy, not cringy. Not that kpop music is Grammy-worthy music bcs every kpop fan knows that kpop is about fun, dance and visuals…
For me, surprising is how much knetz are in love with Jisoo performance. I really don’t understand how they can hate other mid performances but they suddenly love her stage abilities. Are they really that biased bcs of visual?


Yeah, he should have made some research first, so he wouldn’t expect something deep from an idol group)

Ladyboy lisa

That’s what knetz all about


Hmmm. Knets love to hate these girls. No wonder they never received daesang so far.


My faves are not artist or musicians and shouldn’t be praised for masquerading as one. We all need to accept that lackpink are privileged, coddled and stunted entertainers.


Spilled 🙌🏻 Blackpink has always been all noise, no substance. Thats why they say they make music for stupid people, keyboard smash and call it a day. All glitz, explosion, festive costumes and stages, but in the end, EMPTY

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