BLACKPINK’s Coachella as rated by a member of the KMA critic

cr @soglossy__

1. What? Isn’t BLACKPINK good at singing live?

2. I don’t know anything else, BLACKPINK’s singing skills are good

3. BLACKPINK sings live well so I’m proud of them

4. Among the stages of K-pop idols, I think they are one of the idols who are good at performing live

5. No, but if you look at BLACKPINK and say they have no skills, is there any group that can survive in K-pop?

6. If I spend money and go to the festival, I will want to see and enjoy the cool and interesting performances of BLACKPINK’s iconic songs… Isn’t that the purpose of the festival?

7. Should they wear a hanbok and sing the national anthem or cover Seo Taiji and Boys’ song? Overall, they did well as great K-pop stars;

8. What did you do for the country or what did you contribute to get BLACKPINK to this position? Why do you demand more from BLACKPINK?

9. The stage is decorated in Korean style enough for everyone to know about Korea, but what do you want?

10. I’m a fan of another group and I haven’t seen their performance yet, but I can’t empathize with you

11. I’m not a fan, but they’re so cool and good, I really can’t empathize with him at all

12. You want to tell the history of Korea at some festival ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s ridiculous

13. Honestly, he hates BLACKPINK

14. What have you done for the growth of K-pop?

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