BLACKPINK’s Coachella performance has over 120,000 audience

1. What? Are there more than 120,000 people going to see BLACKPINK’s performance?

2. Wow, this is crazy

3. Are they the ones who went to see BLACKPINK?? Wow, the number of people is huge

4. Seriously BLACKPINK is awesome

5. Is it BLACKPINK’s solo concert?

6. Wow, BLACKPINK is really cool

7. I’m so proud of BLACKPINK

8. There are other singers, but why do you write it like BLACKPINK’s solo concert?

9. BLACKPINK’s stage was cool and beautiful, but it’s a festival so there are other singers, it’s not a solo concert

10. ?? Aren’t we talking about the audience in BLACKPINK’s performance? Who said this is BLACKPINK’s concert?

11. BLACKPINK is crazy

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Ladyboy lisa

Hahaha blink so stupid


and you’re so jealous haha

Color color stan

Lol it’s not blackpink’s solo concert, it’s a just a racist and homophobic music festival with many artists

Call one

What proof do they have that it was all for blackpink isn’t that just the amount of people who attended in general ? Honest question

cause I read it didn’t sell out this time


Why they are using data from blink stat? Lol. Where is official data? And did you see the vid..the silence is too loud and many of them left the venue lol

Color color stan

Lol my favs don’t need to beg music festivals when they can perform in the biggest stadiums in the world and in the biggest award shows. so sorry blackpink can only perform at coachella and trash mtv 🤭

Last edited 7 months ago by Color color stan

My fellow blink.,, bp can’t even get one stadium date in the us. Ain’t no one checking for our faves in the us. Let’s relax


…that’s not how it works


The media play is too much. My faves are embarrassing


the festival didn’t sell out for the first time since 2010 😭


……that’s how music festival works. Especially if it’s the big ones. Big crowd, not necessary their fans but just there to enjoy the music.


Whygee and their kmedia plays smh. Never change. First, its not only BP who performed there. Second, when BP performed many audience didn’t even hype their stage..Yess, the front audience maybe done that, but the back audience were dead. But Whygee make it seems BP are bigger than life there.

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