BLACKPINK’s Jennie looks gorgeous in the new ad

BLACKPINK Jennie Beauty Kurly Ad

1. The atmosphere is amazing, as expected, Jennie

2. The ad is really pretty, Jennie is an angel too

3. Just looking at Jennie’s commercials, it’s amazing that she gets such diverse concepts every time.. So pretty..

4. I can understand why they use Jennie in the ad.. She’s so pretty

5. The atmosphere is so beautiful, it’s like a movie

6. Reminds me of Jennie ‘SOLO’

7. Music is good and video is good

8. Jennie always has great commercials

9. It’s so good, it suits her

10. Jennie’s aura is unique, she’s so pretty

11. Jennie has so many charms, I can’t take my eyes off her

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