BLACKPINK’s Jennie receives backlash for fueling false rumors again and again

It has been over a year since BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’ V have been tangled in rumors back to back. However, neither the South Korean stars nor their agencies have confirmed if the claims were true, which led to ‘media play’ possibilities (common for YG entertainment).

In May, a French stalker shared a video on his social media claiming that the couple he filmed taking a romantic walk in Paris were V and Jennie.

It seems that Jennie is again trying to fuel the rumors, that almost everyone forgot, with her latest Instagram post with the caption ‘few weeks back’.

As soon as she shared the photos, it became a hot topic among all platforms, and many fans criticized her saying that it was very unnecessary to bring back the old rumors especially right before individual activities of BTS.

C netizens commented:

‘She’s enjoying this’

‘She loves to do this’

‘Is she doing this on purpose?’

There is another possibility that the most popular member of Blackpink, who is the main moneymaker of YG, might not be renewing her, which might be the reason for all this media play to save the stocks.

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Look even IF they’re dating. Her posting this suddenly, given the timings is just very weird. And the caption too. She could’ve done this like 2 months ago, but idk it’s odd.


Lmfao look at stupid fangirls cannot handle and associate everything this jennie girl do are related to bts😂😂😂😂 the definition if delusion


Airhead just like jenfad you stan


her own fans started the narrative that she posted it to get armys mad what are you saying


I wonder if she did it bc of Lisa’s renewal and dating news


Yup may be. Lisa dating news is all over the news since 2 days. And renewal thing fueld it up. Lisa is really really top class amd living in another world


The way it’s always been from her side, and her fans still victimize this grown ahh woman is beyond me.


Soon at the concert, she will again cry, trying to put pressure on pity. Or even a sick sloth will leave the stage without further ado.


Its always feel like she hates army n being intentionally doing this to annoy us. Such attention seeker. She gonna get worst once bp hiatus as group. Girlie about to be full time influencer.


Gawd free him and bts from those leech i beg😭


Exactly. From the very beginning the leaks had been coming from her but somehow her fan made it Taehyung’s responsibility to clean up her mess.


baby you need to give it up with the “false rumors” and come to terms with the fact they’re probably dating lmaooo


anyhoot power couple things 🥰


The issues is not the dating, it’s her being an attention whore


Tf are you calling her a whore for?? Tell me ONE valid reason.? You don’t know her. You’re fucking disgusting.


Fueling the rumor?? you dumb? she just casually updating her insta go take a shower or sum


Should have hating the shipper lmao, those taenies shipper who making her as if her whole personality is around man, this is why jennie keep getying hate bcs of those lunatic shipper who keep setting her up


naver article at #1 is saying she fueling rumor in the title. she knew what she was doing


as expected from the attention seeker. doing everything she could to keep her name on the buzz.


Go cry about it lmao


Me too I will brag everyday if I date taehyung


Meanwhile Taehyung has nothing to say about this fad


They’re obviously dating get over it. This annoys fans only because they’re deluding themselves it’s not true as long as they don’t confirm lol.


I do believe them dating but i dont like how she is such attention seeker like keep wanting showing off that he dating V. Its just feel she feel good to get attention for it.


Lol , if they’re dating she wouldn’t feel the need to do such pathetic things lmao ,

And if they’re dating tae would tell that he likes to keep his life private ,

If they’re dating and she’s the only one confirming it , then he’s Just not that into her , that’s even more embarrassing 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️


“Has been fueling FALSE rumors”. I should have known from the title this wasn’t a post by the admin but by some delulu stan. The fact that there’s still people this deep in denial and going as for as to shame Jennie for doing literal normal shit is pathetic. 🤦‍♀️

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She imagined that she was waiting for a big success in the West after the porn series. But it turned out that the Americans fucked her hard in all holes, and then threw her out to deal with the consequences herself. It is vital for her to whitewash her reputation in any way, to show that she is dating a worthy boyfriend after a failed porn movie.

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What “french stalker”, he’s a famous paparazzi, taking photos of celebrities is his job


YG wanted her to distract ppl from the Lisa rumour bc their stocks are going down

Grace Walker

What’s going to happen when he have to serve in the military? Will she wait around for him?


Are you kidding? She rubs against every man she meets like a bitch in heat.


High possibility for her to cheat. She cant survive a single day without man. She can easily grinding to a man when v not even enlisting, just imagine when him enlisting.


You’re fucking disgusting. She’s a human too with feelings. Tell me what did she ever do to be called these disgusting names?? What did she do to you?


Whores don’t wait around


She’s already scoping out her new victim. She crazy about dick


That girl and her company has been doing sht like this for years now he literally hasn’t given any hint no words nothing he’s not even acknowledging that there’s such a rumour so stop giving her or her fans the attention they always want from us


I kinda suspect it’s her management game and she is involved from the start, creating media play when they will release something, coz everything comes from her side



cold wave

he’s worn things from leaked pics before. except when he does it called “just a coincidence” when jennie does it she is called “attention wh*re”


But its never full set. People just connecting random pants, etc. While girlie chose to wear the exact full outfits. Its clear she posted it for attention.


he never posts it on instagram with a caption to cause commotion. that is what jennie did.


All the excuses for the fad when y’all never show the same grace for other idols and Taehyung for much less


Her fans are mad and asking fr tae come to claim her bc tae dgaf, everything is coming from her only which we see only one sided obsession 💀


Since she doesn’t put any energy in concert do you all think she atleast does in bed?


Yes, in bed she has to put a lot of energy, to give in all holes. You know, not every dick can get up on a woman with such a monkey appearance.


I don’t think it’s as much as a problem (since everyone knows theyre dating) as it is sus that she decided to post right before jk’s solo debut and when there’s news that Lisa might not renew her contract and lisa’s dating rumors with Frederic.

Its like she’s using her relationship to distract people. But that’s just me.


She is furious that Lisa has a rich and status boyfriend. Lisa once again surpassed this whore, and Lisa did not even have to expose her breasts in the prono-series and show her crotch to fans at the concert.


To be fair, lisa does like to dance sexy too. However, she always remain professional when performing n rarely being wild during after party. Jennie just seem like attention seeker. Out of all members, she seem the one taking seriously the whole influencer personality.

Kpop all about clout

Litterly jen really don’t care about v and bts that’s why she did this she knows very well it effects v and about lisa she did same but her fans are more as compared to her haters that’s why they not complain and recently her drunkd video is prove and she not share after party videos after last year blacklash ,and funny thing is blonks compare fred with v like c’mon if fred is rich then v is popular and more famous then fred and that’s why article use LVMH son not fred ,and my sincere question is you ppl really think fred love her ? According to me he just use her nothing and i have seen article where ppl said he is rich playboy thats why he ask lisa stans on his ig that don’t comment here , i also think yg lisa and jennie did this purposely for clout bcz one is attention seeker and other is pick me mostly single child habits,poor jisoo with organic hit and rosé still mistreated


Free Taehyung from this attention whore

Kpop all about clout

Just pray bcz it’s yg baby yg baby for hiding there girl dating rumors and how ppl called her gold digger and to protect her 7 years image as girl without mans they ask jennie that plz help us bcz you are professional and at the end we protect you and putting whole blame on v and she said ok and jisoo and rosé at the corner demanding organic success


She just want show she is dating a rich man too as lisa dating is leaked. But she forgot lisa work ethics r best amd her career is soo clean. This is her first dating and they r good pair. And he is super rich than v. He can buy whole hybe sm yg jyp with his money. So she wants clout too. Lisa dating and renewal r hot topics in kpop right now. She jz want to have some spotlight. But she forgot lisa and her r different. Lisa dating at 26 privately without seeking attention and her work or character is good. But this girl is soo different.


Jennie ruined her reputation with her own hands. Guys will fuck her because she is available, but there will be no official announcement because a rich and powerful man does not need a porn star as a girlfriend.




Don’t make me laugh ethics and lisa are two different things she is same like jennie,she exposure same amount of flesh as j but yeah she never show her b**b bcz she don’t has and no one take L datings serious bcz of blonks and her thai fans bcz they fight and give lame excuses and you ppl really think lvmh son like or love her he just taste her and then kicked out her and L know this very well but she did this for benefits and v is more famous then fred and jennie take advantage of it and check how this is no 1 trending topic ww just in few hours at this point these both girlies are in competition that which one becomes best attention seeker but my poor jisoo and even rosé face hardles, L = g .d and j= A.S


keep barking about your attention seeking girl who cant live without a man and supports and participates in revenge p*rn series, nobody is taking you seriously lmao their working ethics and moral are clearly different, one is famous for having none and being lazy af and the other is know as the hardworking member and the only one who is consistent and carries the performance in her group lol but keep being in denial and delude yourself by saying theyre the same💀

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did Taehyung ignore her after her porn show? because what is this craving for attention?


She is not dating that ugly guy. Come down your horses


Meanwhile your fave is gagging for recognition as V’s girlfriend and has been for the past year.


jennie was lowkey when dating gdragon because he is ugly she knows it is a flex with how handsome taehyung is


Ugly guy = jenhag
Literally everyone knows V is way out of her league. V is literally known for having the most beautiful face. Jenhag looks like a bulldog and toad mix


Her fans been giving Taehyung hell the last year over an accidental follow, but meanwhile all the leaks and photos are coming from her. Clout chasing is her MO.

I halfway think his appeal to her is all the attention he brings her. Because do not think for a minute that she has more clout than he does. Numbers are always on Tae’s side

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She’s a whore for lack of attention lissa was trending in every article she talked about. And jennie to get attention He did this. If they were actually a couple, they would both be Talking with iu and her partner but Jennie is the only one who shares with the intention of attracting attention


Lissa was in trend and since Idol was canceled she needs to attract attention with the rumors that she is dating the two idols I am very upset because of her it is that lissa likes her hate . Now we know how fake it is…


She is not professional .. at concerts she is lazy in return lissa gives her best at concerts as lissa is a trend now she wants attention .. she is an attention whore ..As a fan of Lissa I feel very annoyed.. she increases the rumors while it’s just her.. she looks in need of attention.




Why she did that? “Few weeks back” like???? Is she trying to get buzz or what 😕 She doesn’t need that at all. Plus, I don’t see any movement from the Boy. She’s all alone doing it. I’m kinda disappointed.

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