BLACKPINK’s Jennie receives backlash for fueling false rumors again and again

It has been over a year since BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’ V have been tangled in rumors back to back. However, neither the South Korean stars nor their agencies have confirmed if the claims were true, which led to ‘media play’ possibilities (common for YG entertainment).

In May, a French stalker shared a video on his social media claiming that the couple he filmed taking a romantic walk in Paris were V and Jennie.

It seems that Jennie is again trying to fuel the rumors, that almost everyone forgot, with her latest Instagram post with the caption ‘few weeks back’.

As soon as she shared the photos, it became a hot topic among all platforms, and many fans criticized her saying that it was very unnecessary to bring back the old rumors especially right before individual activities of BTS.

C netizens commented:

‘She’s enjoying this’

‘She loves to do this’

‘Is she doing this on purpose?’

There is another possibility that the most popular member of Blackpink, who is the main moneymaker of YG, might not be renewing her, which might be the reason for all this media play to save the stocks.

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