BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is now the most successful soloist among female idols, surpassing Lisa’s album sales

Jisoo is the first million seller among female idols, which proves her unrivaled current popularity. Not only album sales, Jisoo is also ahead in Brand value and deals these days.

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I've yujin

Doesn’t deserve
Shes so untalented

Ladyboy lisa

Kpop is ruined…how dozen like her become rhe best 😂


This is why I need Lisa to break her ties off that company. She isn’t Korean. That’s why she is being treated like this. She could have easily surpassed 1m in 2021 only if YG didn’t suddenly cut off her album distribution. This is seriously so ridiculous. I want her to get out of that company this year. Idc about that grp. As if as a grp they really do something. They are on hiatus as a grp most of the time.
Lisa needs to break herself free from that company and grp.

spicy spice

lisa would be the another Sorn if she left yge lmao. the one who makes her relevant was yge.

Ladyboy lisa

Hahaah yeah another faceless thai


you’re comparing lisa to sorn, lisa is the one who saved yg in 2019, still making them tons without promotions

spicy spice

the context is “lisa without yge”.


A soloist with just two album ver.?
Jisoo! Let’s go!!!! Can’t wait!

WhatsThe Point

I think people are forgetting there’s a difference between pre-orders and actual sales.. her pre-orders are 950k doesn’t mean she’s gonna sell that much for the first 2-3 days. She’ll probably only sell 500k-600k in that period.

Call her million seller when she actually sells a million


this is a user post?? lol you’re desperate because no one talks about it beside your fandom


yes these days everyones talking about caheyoung’s ignorant and offensive behaviour, I can’t see anything else


Man…the mediaplay is so immense 😘


There is always a gap between BPs preorders and actual sales so let’s see


How bornpink period where 2 million and sold 2.4 in the first week stop lying lmao


*per order


Seoul cycle could never


This is only pre order, they’re including the orders of stores who ordered them to be sold in retail stores. Wait for the actual sales after release


say thanks to pzpz yg sabotaging and hiding lisa sales

v jizz inside my vajayjay

Of course, Jisoo is the main vocal of Blackpink and her voice is so immaculate that it rivals those vocalist like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Freddie Mercury, Whitney Houston, and Adam Lambert.

those who say she’s can’t sing better meet with ear specialist and get them clean your ears.


First million seller? Yg did not update Lalisa album for almost 2yrs. Probably they don’t want a non-korean artist to get that title.


My girls are queens of media play. BTS and Twice could never

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