BLACKPINK’s Lisa is dating SM producer Hyun MQ, confirmed by the producer

Blackpink’s Lisa was caught earlier in the story of SM producer Hyun MQ, showing a picture of their lovely date.

Fans investigated and found that Hyun MQ has also posted the same carpet as Lisa, meaning that he is very close to her to be in her house. 

Furthermore, he has also been caught liking many of her posts and following her pet Instagram account. After fans pointed out he has liked her posts, he quickly unliked. 

YG Entertainment has not made any comments about their dating rumor but we wish for the couple to be happy together as fans have also pointed this out:

Furthermore, after being caught, Hyun MQ had changed his Instagram post description to LSM 💛. Fans know it signifies LiSa Manoban and she is famous for her yellow heart. 

A fan has allegedly asked the producer and he has confirmed as well.

Congratulations to the couple #hyunsaisreal