BLACKPINK’s Lisa was a million seller before her partner Jisoo? why is YG hiding it? her fans claim

Lisa’s fans have been demanding for more than a year that the company YG Entertainment update the sales of the member. Lilies as they call themselves say that YG hides her sales because the company wanted a Korean member of the group to be the first to achieve this.

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Yg is r@cist. They always hide lisa activities and achievements when she is the main money maker


I’m confused- where does it say on the screenshots that Lisa has sold over a mil?


Ahe sold 950k in first 2 weeks i guess then yg didn’t update her sales since then. People thinks she already surpassed 1m sales


This is already debunked, if you want the full details then go to BPs subreddit and read the post there

Basically the 950k is nothing but a prediction and not actual sales figures, Lisa sold 800k+ and the reason Gaon or Circle is not updating her sales anymore is not due to sabotage but because Gain/Circle doesn’t update sale that isn’t in the top100 or top50 of that month

Edit: Here’s the reddit post I’m talking about :

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The distributor has to submit sales for gaon but not hanteo. Like explain how she was in the year end chart for hanteo in 2022 but not for gaon. Her hanteo sales is literally bigger than her gaon sales which is unheard of. Her company definitely stealing from her and doing fraudulent business.

Bring back discuss

If it sold 1 million copies gaon would automatically certify it, yg doesn’t need to do anything.

It just seems like you’re shocked jisoo sold more…


This was a problem for a year now but blonks don’t give a fuk about Lisa


Why is this fandom obsessed with making user post


A lot of the southeast asian fans are obsessed with Lisa and many are akgaes (praise her but say negative things about the other members).


Y’all are stupid and racist just like yg, the other solo fandoms literally created fake dating rumours about her and harassed a married dude about it he had to clarify it, they also harassed her cousin , if it was lilies pulling this shit y’all would be writing korean articles by now, but poppies and blonks use lisa as a punching bag

If yg were hiding another member sales y’all would be crying but now

spicy spice

blinks are obsessive over these user-post thingy. it’s either dragging bts and twice nor solo stans against another bp members.

Pretty princess

Blonks having a mid off


Blinks are liars and love to make things up soooo


This was trending ww so many times the last year so bffr


What’s with all these Lisa posts during Jisoo’s release? Lol


Definitely not knowing BLACKPINK if there is no Lisa. 🫢

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