BLACKPINK’s obvious disbandment in august is scaring YG shareholders

Blackpink’s contract end the 27 august 2023 and everything is pointing to a disbandment: they have absolutely no activities after august. Their Olens contract, which they had for years, just expired and was given to NewJeans. All of their group cfs also ended. They only had a new one this year, with Korean Air, which will end in… august. Lisa also announced the tour is ending in june. Absolutely all of their group sponsorships end in june, july or august.

According to industry insiders, YG shareholders knows that the disbandment is happening and fear for the future of the company. It’s also hard to say which members will stay. Will it be the end of YG?

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Color color stan

They will not disband because they know they have no prospect outside of being bp member lol


thats good one




They will I fear. I feel like Lisa would be a great solo artist, the other girls are holding her back imo. She has good energy and performances. Her rap is mediocre but so are a lot of rappers these days so with the right label she can be a mega star. There’s always one break out star in every group, for BP it’s Lisa.


As long as she under YG, she can never reach her full potential as soloist. Doing just singles in a year not enough n its hard for her to gain respect for her artistry. They are not getting younger either. How long they want to rely on influencer life.


I didn’t know their tour is ending in June. damn, Lisa confirmed it also wow I also didn’t know their group cfs deals were done & only have one left with Korean air. idk I think it’s the right time for them to separate for a while if they want to do things they wish they do like Jennie & jisoo acting while Lisa & Rose releasing music

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let’s wait & see


Written by ditto by using not one reliable sources but from her nut brain. 👏👏


i don’t think they’ll disband. they have nothing to gain.

yg does all the work for them through mediaplay, industry connections, producing, writing, composing, you name it.

their fans are 1000% happy with bare minimum performances and stagnant music.


They almost certainly won’t disband.

Either they all re-sign with YG, or they all sign with a different, probably American, agency who offers more money.

If they all sign with a different agency I bet that agency will reach a deal with YG wherein YG continues training and producing songs for BP under some revenue sharing deal.

Color color stan

You are here making an au about bts while your girlies are caught in 4k with a married man in a hotel, no need to make up stories, your girlies make it all thenselves 😂


Hide your wives and sisters or uncle jungc0ck will date them 🤣

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Slutpink is on the brink of collapse because everyone has grown bored of seeing their loose holes and yet Tae is all you can think about. Relevancy

Color color stan

If they have a dick you bet seoul cycle will be there first lol

White cat

I don’t think they will disband


Such a good boy slvthyung 🤣

uga uga

Nah, y’all capping.


Bunnies are gonna be the ruin of NewJeans. The shareholders are not afraid. They said the contract renewals are uncertain. The article listed talks about YGE’s plans for 2023 like Treasure’s Japanese single and Ji Soo’s upcoming solo debut which broke records, and how the sales of the tours underperformed a bit and due to the delay what was supposed to be counted in Q4 of 2022, will be counted for Q1 of 2023. Nowhere did the article ever bring up disbandment. BlackPink is also headlining Coachella. Just because certain brands do not renew does not mean a group is disbanding.

So IDK why you thought being a shady c*nt would help NewJeans.

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YG stakeholders representative

The recent speculation that YG Entertainment’s girl group BLACKPINK could be disbanding has caused alarm amongst its stakeholders. This is due to the fact that BLACKPINK has become a major part of YG’s financial success. Since their debut in 2016, the group has held a number of successful tours and music releases, consistently topped music charts and won numerous awards. These successes have made them one of the most successful K-pop girl groups ever, so any news of their disbandment would likely result in a significant loss of income for YG Entertainment. In addition, the loss of such an iconic and popular group would also damage YG’s reputation, as many fans would likely be disappointed with such a decision.


I think their last official group schedule is the one in UK for the festival on july. I think bp asked YG to let them have time to properly decide whether to renew or not. Even if they renew, i dont think they want to do group activities next year. Miss rose seem trying to secure a solo contract with US label as she being seen out of nowhere at beyonce grammy tea event. Because she know having solo full album under yg probably just a dream that may never come true. The clock is ticking n the girls even all approaching 30s.


30s is more important in Korea than the West where we have Nicki Minaj and Beyonce being almost 40 year old mothers and still very relevant.


Beyoncé and co started off in their teens or early 20’s. They built a following over at least a decade in the west. You cannot compare the two dummy


Disbandment coming 🥰

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I don’t believe this. I bet the members want to keep the blackpink title behind their names. And they don’t need to make a group comeback or to even try to perform to make money because their fans will eat up anything they give even if it’s a half-assed performances. What else can be easier than that in making money?


I doubt YG will let them go easily coz they are YG breadwinner n the one who lift up YG image again after their downfall because of Seungri n YG scandal. Baby monster it still unknown if they can reach success like BP coz they are still not debut yet n the result are still uncertainty. Even they still have GD but he rarely drop an album more than BP. I think YG will try increased their pay n other requirement for them to stay. Now it depends for BP if willing to stay in YG or move under teddy’s label. Or maybe they will like bigbang members, some stay in YG some stay in Blacklabel.

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Nobody from bp will disband, that is just the dumbest thing ever.

1 comeback +tour every 2 years is enough to sustain their fans without significant backlash, upskilling or new material means that they can cruise through the next contract easily and make money


Personally I think it’s for the best. Lisa is just wasting her time staying in that country who has been only racist towards her.
She should spend more time in Thailand and global then only staying in Korea. Look at how her solo was treated whereas the other members solos were treated in that country.
It’s best for her to move herself away from that country. Because rn that country is only stopping herself for more expansion.


She seem love korea alot. Heard that she even bought a house in korea. Lisa actually seem like not that ambitious regarding her solo career. I mean she even only work for her solo just for the sake of it n even just let teddy handle everything. She got no will in improving her artistry. She seem only want to perform. Out of all members, rose seem the one want to actually fully being soloist n actively promoting.


She and rose should really cut themselves off from that company. They both are lovely girls and I feel they want to do the best they can but it won’t be possible if they just keep on going to fashion events. They also need to showcase their artistry. If they will not do it then their a time will come when all this fame will began to cease. It’s good as how long as it goes but it’s also true that everything has an expiry date of itself. They need to showcase their talents more to survive in this industry more. And for doing that they need to cut themselves off from that company. They are huge artists and any company will take them. Got7 bambam literally got much more popularity in Korea after he cut off himself from jype. Lisa can also join her bestie. That company can give her solo as well as other activities in Korea to shine more. I think Rose already have plans in her pocket. Lisa seems too innocent so it’s worrisome.


The disbandment makes Chaennie release their song with Ryan Tedder


we love to see

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