BLACKPINK’s photocards in their new album are crazy

BLACKPINK’s photocards are crazy

Seriously pretty

1. Please, I want Jennie’s photocard

2. Jisoo’s last photo is so pretty

3. Hul, everything is pretty, seriously, my favorite is Jisoo, she’s like a close unnie at the coffee shop in front of the house

4. Jennie’s photocard is amazing

5. Hul.. There are so many photocards in one album!?

6. Wow, Jennie’s photocard is crazy, I’ll buy this album

7. Jisoo unnie is so perfect

8. I’m not a fan, but I want Jennie’s photocard

9. Ahh Jennie’s hair color suits her so well

10. They are all so pretty, I will buy their album this time

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