Blinks abusing Sana for collapsing at the concert

Blinks are currently attacking and abusing Twice Sana for collapsing during Twice concert in Chicago. 

They are hurling all sorts of vile things to her under the card of victimization and karma. Calling that if Jennie from Blackpink is constantly called as Lazy so does every other person. Especially if it’s a person from Twice. 

They are even going far to call Sana pregnant, which is not at all shocking considering the fact blinks are notorious for discrediting their feminism card if it doesn’t apply to their favourite girl group aka Blackpink. 

They are saying it as a “karma”. They call it “karma” meanwhile ridiculing a human being who absolutely have done nothing to them. Some are even going far as to make d* threats tweet about them and in some instances naming Nayeon’s stalker in them, which is honestly quite disgusting.

It is certain as a human being they don’t have any humanity left within them. Engaging with such tweets from a grown up person is quite honestly so disgusting and screwed up. Not to mention one person villianpinks is actually an over grown man in his mid 20s to mid 30s with a job who is making sick and disgusting tweets about a woman. 

It is a humble request even if you are not a once but as a human being report such tweets. And refrain from making such tweets for any human being whether you like them or not.

Because this is not a karma but instead you are just showcasing your mental illness on twitter. And it’s highly recommended that you look up for a therapy if you even at the slightest find stuffs like these enjoyable.

Bring back human decency.

Since, the blinks are saying that “Onces” started it first. Here’s some of the screen shots from the onces actually worrying about Blackpink’s Jennie during some concert. 

You can also see the clear engagement rate on this tweet and replies are not at all calling Jennie as lazy or pregnant individual but are actually showing worry for her like a normal human being.

Also to be noted this was Twice’s 18th concert of their tour not their 3rd or 5th. Spread humanity if you want that in return.

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