BoA announces that she will retire after her contract ends on December 31, 2025

BoA’s Instagram update

“My contract is until 12/31/2025. Until then, I plan to happily do my best as BoA, the singer. Please don’t worry. I love you, Jumpings 💛”

1. As long as she’s happy

2. I will support BoA. Just looking at some of the comments here makes me sick

3. Anyway, I hope everything goes well for BoA!

4. That hasn’t been decided yet. Maybe she will change her mind while promoting. I want to continue meeting BoA

5. I just want BoA to be happy, BoA fighting

6. I’m so grateful for what she’s done so far, I hope she can live comfortably and do what she wants

7. BoA fighting

8. People will retire if they have money, so why are you criticizing BoA?

9. BoA is always the best

10. Is she really going to retire???

11. BoA only walks the path of happiness!!

12. But if she really cared about her fans, she wouldn’t have written such things

13. BoA retires??

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