BoA fans’ protest trucks in front of the SM building

BoA fans’ protest trucks in front of the SM building

“What was SM doing while BoA’s career, effort, and heart were being ripped apart? How can you call yourself family? Do family members only call you when they need something?”

“You say she’s the best in the media, but you guys don’t do anything to respond to malicious commenters. Is this what 26 years of effort gets her? To be ignored by the label?”

“Is this tolerance towards 24 years of malicious comments? That’s 24 years of defamation targeting BoA!”

“Stop using your artists and protect them. Wake up, SM! Report back after you have sued the malicious commenters.”

1. BoA will make a lot of money just by suing malicious commenters

2. I respect whatever choice BoA makes and I hope she will be happy no matter what!!

3. I wonder if it will be more difficult for her after Lee Soo Man leaves… Anyway, I hope everything goes well

4. There have been a lot of malicious comments about BoA recently, please sue them all

5. The biggest problem is that SM has neglected malicious comments about her for 24 years

6. Please sue the malicious commenters…

7. Please protect artists properly

8. Seriously, why don’t they protect BoA?

9. I’m not even a fan but I was so angry when I saw malicious comments about BoA

10. It seems like SM doesn’t protect artists at all

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