BoA wonders if she can retire once her contract ends

BoA’s additional Instagram story

“It looks like I misspelled a word. I meant retire.”

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“Once the contract ends, I can leave, right??”

1. Oh my god ㅜㅠ My heart hurts, BoA, fighting!

2. What’s happening?

3. I can understand why she is like that just by looking at the comments here

4. Since she has been working continuously since she was young, I think she might need a break, I hope BoA can live up to what she wants

5. BoA has a lot of antis, right?

6. You can understand just by looking at the comments here

7. I always support BoA ㅠㅠ I hope everyone around BoA will take good care of BoA…

8. BoA, what’s happening??????ㅠㅠ

9. She has achieved everything she needed to achieve, but now I want her to think only of herself

10. I really like BoA’s singing and dancing. I hope she is happy and I will support her

11. She wants to retire, so who can stop her?

12. I feel like she’s exhausted these days

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