BooSeokSoon and NewJeans Hanni, Haerin do the ‘OMG’ challenge

Seungkwan, Haerin, Hoshi, Hanni, Dokyeom

1. Hoshi dances so well

2. Wow, Hoshi is crazy, he dances well but the 5 of them look like the same team

3. It’s true that Hoshi dances well, but did you see Seungkwan and DK? They dance well too

4. Wow, Haerin is good at dancing, she’s in the back but I can see how good she is at dancing

5. Of course everyone dances well, but Hoshi really caught my attention

6. The 5 of them look like the same group

7. The member in the middle is Hoshi?? He dances so well

8. Kwon Soonyoung is the best… I can only see Hoshi in my eyes

9. The choreography of ‘OMG’ is really good and cute

10. I think Hoshi can join NewJeans

11. Hoshi uses his lower body so well

12. Seungkwan’s dance always catches my attention

13. Wow I really like Hoshi these days

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