Brazilian K-pop fans are doing bad things in real time

They change K-pop idols’ clothes into Brazilian color and write mocking comments on all fan communities like Weverse, Bubble, and Twitter

1. They are so rude and stupid

2. Are they fans of Korean singers? They are uncivilized

3. Are the fans right?

4. If you like foreign celebrities, do you also like that country? I’m not sure, but at least they should be polite

5. All South American kids are like this


7. So why do they like Korean singers?γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

8. They must be a country that only has football to brag about

9. Seeing Chile and Brazil fans, I don’t think idols need to go to South America

10. Looks like Brazil is the only country like that

11. I couldn’t believe it even after seeing it. Those people are called fans?… Basically, they are not polite and their level is low. I think I know why that country keeps going backwards

12. Football is the only thing to be proud of in that country. In Korea, football is not everything

13. I hope idols don’t go to Brazil forever

14. I don’t think they’re fans

15. Are they fans…? Are they anti-fans?? I don’t really understand

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Some are really racist but that’s mostly from idiot football fans. Kpop fans are, for the most part, just joking around


The joke is not funny actually


If people not finding it funny that it isn’t a joke


Idk if it’s just me but on tw I’ve also seen weird comments from Brasilian and if you call them out, you’re racist. They just seem really rude in general


Brazilians calls every criticism as racist to them but at the same time get mad when people said they’re not mostly white πŸ₯΄
Being rude is part of their personality


you’re mistaking with the Argentinians, they are the ones who gets pissed when someone tells them that they aren’t whites or Europeans like they think they are


our jokes are mostly point out our five titles, how is this even rude???


“It’s a joke” sure making fun of them calling them names with racists undertones its a joke for brazilians fanz


none of the screencaps have racist undertones, but koreans calling us uneducated, impolite, rude, stupid, uncivilized, saying we only have football to brag about and that “all sa kids are like this” is just fine uh?


Not surprised, they are Brazilians of course they are this ignorant


It’s funny that the kpop groups they name, in several there are foreigners who I’m sure don’t care in the least whether Korea loses or not. There are a lot of knuckleheads who are soccer fans. 


Sports fans are the woooooorst.


football fans in countries were football culture is strong are all rude and can be pretty racist. they’re very competitive
personally I’m used to it as long as they aren’t being racist idc


When it’s not actually funny and the qrt are full of not even slightly racists comments towards Koreans in general and k-fansπŸ™ƒ

uga uga

Lmaaao, look at all this “civilized” people in the comment section acting like they are superior to SA people once more…
Anyways, the joke is literally that in a soccer match where brazil is against korea, you’re “against” your bias in that moment, being a fangirl/boy doesn’t exist during the game.
That’s why you can see a lot of fanbases posting about the match, telling their bias to “not cry” or asking if they are sad because they lost. In the end of the day, is just people fooling around and being proud of their team.
However, yes unfortunely some stupid soccer fans really did some racist comments, but thankfully people were quick and started to call them out so a lot of these racist pigs logged out.
Besides that, why is it so wrong to tell your bias to not cry?
I mean, the man woke up at 4am just to watch his country get kicked out of the World Cup with 4 gouls only in the begining of the game, where’s the empathy?!


I knew brazilian humor sense will get them canceled sooner or later 😭😭


is actually funny Koreans call someone uncivilized after the Halloween incident in ItaewonπŸ’€


Roy Keane was right to call Brazilian players & coach rude & arrogant. So are their fans.

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