[Breaking news] CJ plans to shake hands with Kakao against HYBE in the battle for SM management

[Exclusive] CJ as Kakao’s ally… “Join the acquisition of SM Entertainment”

CJ Group is considering a plan to acquire SM Entertainment at the suggestion of Kakao

If CJ Group participates in the share purchase, the dispute over SM management is expected to become more intense when it becomes a confrontation between ‘Kakao + CJ + SM manager’ and ‘HYBE + Lee Soo Man’

CJ and Kakao plan to buy up to 19.9% shares in SM Entertainment

1. This is f*cking crazy

2. It’s the battle

3. Wow CJ + Kakao, isn’t this better?

4. It’s getting fun

5. Oh my God, my idols, I don’t want them in a company like SM anymore..ㅋㅋㅋ

6. I hope HYBE does well because I don’t like big companies with many branches acquiring SM

7. Wow, what a messㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. It’s like watching a drama

9. What is happening?????

10. Aren’t HYBE and CJ cooperating?? It’s really interesting

11. I don’t know, I’m watching while eating popcornㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. SM is about to collapse because of this

13. Naver, what are you doing? Just shake hands with HYBE now

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Yall realize that the ACTUAL monopoly is if CJ+Kakao controls an ent company right


like…. CJ going against HYBE to get SM with Kakao…. despite also having BELIFT Lab alongside HYBE…. …. like…..
Kakao + CJ would mean SM is controlled by the companies that control, Genie, Melon, Mnet btw

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Yall realize that cj and hybe are already collaborating alot?


A lot , what !? they have only 3 freaking closed deals huh


It’s actually not that… But I will not say anything more cause I have already said enough. If you have time just scroll down and read that big essay…if not then idk say whatever bs you say…


I don’t think “they’all” have enough braincells to understand it.

They’all will parrot whatever narrative their “opinion leaders” and media play feed them.

We can’t even tell it brainwashing, cos to brainwash someone, the said one gotta have some brains, which is not the case with those sheeps.

Ko Naing

Hybe stop going to mcountdown? What?


Txt still goes to mcountdown for this promo, probably just nwjns bcs they got nothing at mama? Just my guess tho


at the end of the day, it’s all business . Wonder if this is going to affect Enhypen and the i-land 2.


It ain’t. This deal is completely opposite to what cj and hybe has. And pretty sure they both have discussed about their profits and gains beforehand cj joining with kakao in this deal. Buisness is like this. It’s not a real life where one betrayal means the end with all contacts with that person but buisness world where things like these are super comman.


hope bighit pulls out of the deal and leaves enhypen with bad songs and choreos


Well since Pass the mic they already have bad music and unlike 2021 their musical quality has been going down lmao


It can’t happen that easily. Company termination with any group all of a sudden just because of another buisness rendezvous are seen as unprofessionalism of the company. If the group is not reaching the target points of their success or giving the profits to the companies who are investing in them then the company can decide to withdrew. During any collab projects between companies a contract is signed. And not one partner can easily leave before the expiry date of that contract. Take it as a idol contract with the agency but in more complicated way. Lots of money is involved and also your company’s honesty is on the line. Hybe really has to sacrifice their company’s honesty in buisness world which can cost them alot with other business endeavours they may do in future. It’s not easy to leave like this. Saying this over here because a lot of people are seriously not understanding how actually complex this situation is. And at the end a rich organisation will only win. Whether it’s hybe or Kakao. And the basic sm employees will suffer.


Withdraw HYBE let them fail

Logic Thinker

If you think logically Hybe is trying to prevent a monopoly from a IT company like Kakao that has basically nothing to do with the Ent company and CJ wanting to join Kakao is again 2 huge Korean conglomerate trying to get one of the Big 3 can also make them the “way” to buy others big companies too and it’s really incredible dangerous. Hybe is the best choice in the end


“Hybe is trying to prevent a monopoly”😭😭😭😭yall are CRAZYYYYY hybe want to monopoly


There are many company stans here, don’t expect coherent comments. They think hybe is some kind of savior lmao


Nah, hybe is trash too, dear hybe stan


when you realize Hybe has been working hard to become an IT company just like Kakao, from acquiring AI tech companies to releasing that MAVE group via a collab with Netmarble and Kakao…


is it possible? they already bought the share, I don’t think they can retract easily.. 😬


they can just sell back the share and make a lot of profits. sm share now is expensive lol


The are flopping anyway

Logic Thinker

CJ has stuff to do with Hybe like Belift Lab is half Hybe… I-LAND2 is founded by hybe … this is a low move and I hope LSM win the injunction.
Hybe is way better than Kakao and CJ.


“there’s no eternal friends or enemies, only eternal interests” anyone can tell sm ent is more delicious to swallow than belift


wow, we are literally seeing SM being torn apart by three huge huge companies now.. and to think they’re also huge before this whole mess like wtf happened?? 😳


If this true, I only hope this will not effect enhypen since Belift is 51% CJ, 49% hybe


it will. since bighit are the reason they have good songs and choreographies, i hope they ditch them and never help them again


Wdc abt Enflophen


It’s pretty clear people in this comment section doesn’t understand what happens in buisness 🤣🤣🤣.
No one is doing buisness or owning stakes for saving someone’s ass in first place. They all are playing the cards for their own benefits and just because hybe and cj owns a group together doesn’t mean cj can’t have other hand shake with other company for a totally different matter. It may sound like a betrayal for you but this is how it’s really going with corporate houses.
But obviously these comment section ppl would definitely know this if they actually work in real life which from reading just their comments made me understand that they really don’t.

I mean wtf you mean by “withdraw hybe let them fail”. Either way it’s sm’s loss. And it’s actually not a monopoly as you ppl have it understood. If you do work you would understand what really happens inside any business deals. They both want it because these all companies are going to get profits in return. No one puts their money in dirt if their is no value they are going to get in return. Sm is a big company and these companies are like fighting for more at stakes cause the profits they will earn will be higher. Read some buisness articles not from k-pop forums or k-pop stans then you will understand.


Btw say this statement “withdraw hybe let them fail” in any corporate meeting and the ppl would look at you like you are joking and if you are serious then you are going to just be a laughing material for them.
Saying this beforehand just so ppl in here don’t embarrass themselves in the jobs they get by saying such a stupid statement.


Too much stupidity I already read on this comment section. Now I am leaving this brainless forum. If you wanna take it, take it. If you wanna don’t and continue to act as know it all baboon who actually knows nothing about the matter they are speaking of then be it. Idc.


Withdraw HYBE let them fail


Yeah this is gonna happen like this once you even put your mouth on mic at conference meetings. Good luck on getting roasted and getting fired with a bad remark on your termination letter.


The people going “withdraw Hybe and let them fail” are all delusional HYBE fans who get off on the idea of HYBE swallowing up SM because of some weird revenge fantasy they’ve created in their heads. SM existed long before HYBE and will continue to Exist long after. Even with the shir decisions of Lee So Man like all that Kawangya crap did not make SM fail what makes them thing their future depends on HYBE? At the end of the day even SM imployees prefer Kakao and the SM 3.0 plan.

Last edited 7 months ago by Sowhat

The way yawl are gagging over this statement is amusing. Long paragraphs for what??

Withdraw HYBE let them fail


Long paras with knowledge. Ppl are not half brains like you to speak on anything they don’t know about. Get education.


There is that comment “ hybe is trying to prevent monopoly” “hybe is trying to save kpop from kakao ”😭😭😭no honey they are all trash and hybe is not less trash than them


You seem triggered.

Withdraw HYBE let them fail


And you seem stupid. It’s as plain as that. And I am triggered when a brainless toad like you is flopping around croaking bs about things they don’t even know.


What a poor company. y’all, for hybe that company is just 1 of the many companies they invest in, it doesn’t matter if they lose the battle, they have many other sources that can give them profit, not to mention their other branches in America and Japan too. Sm is the one in need of money to operate their future plans, do they really want those 2 giant corporates to unite and take full control of their company when hybe has promised to give their independence and maintain the characteristic color of their agency?

spicy spice

i know SM regressed a lot rn but i’ve never expect them to be eaten alive like this, like left and right. it’s so tragic just by lookin at how arrogant SM stans back then, bashing other companies and being superior but this is how their fav being ended. the irony.

btw lee sooman should bring both boa and yoo youngjin out with him.


Its all because SM insist to stick with noise music n make their artists very manufactured since 3rd gen. They also just dont know how to appeal to western market when nowadays its easier to promote in west.


How does this sound to sm stans? They don’t want Hybe to buy sm because they hate BTS, but what if it’s Kakao and CJ who take over? For LSM to have wanted to sell their shares to Hybe and thus neutralize Kakao who will have found out about what they are planning. A few years ago LSM himself said he would never sell shares of his company to Hybe, but we see how things change. Instead, the sm stans would rather see their favorites fall than see them become part of Hybe, that’s up to them, Hybe can always change their mind and resell their shares, it’s not Hybe who will lose out. Business is business.


What will happen if kakao and cj win against hybe? Like hybe is controlling the music direction and promotion they can desband the groups but kakao is only produce their music and take their profit


Doesn’t matter if hybe lose the battle. For hybe, sm is just one of few companies they invest in, they still have many other sources that can give the profit, including from their branches in us and japan. Sm is the one who in need of money to operate their future plans.

WhatsThe Point

Cj+kakao is the actual monopoly that kpoppies have been yapping abt hybe


Its hybe ,kakao,cj


enhypen say goodbye to all those bts slash txt songs and choreographies you were being given by bighit~


Hybe stans are funny here.
There is no worse or better, they are all money hungry companies


fr never would i imagine to witness SM in ruins like this 😭 idek anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️


goodbye enhypen! no one in hybe will miss you <3


I honestly want them to leave hybe tbh,let cj manage them


HYBE fans always act like SM stans are the ones obsessed with them, but you can see from the way they are crying and shitting themselves in the comments that it’s actually the other way around. In the other articles they were acting blind like “see, it’s not HYBE SM employees don’t like, it’s just their pride at getting taken over no matter by who” when it was obvious as fuck that all the employees were fine with Kakao and wanted Lee So Man gone. Now it’s “HYBE should just withdraw and let them fail” and now they are even more mad cursing at CJ like “Omg say good-by to Enhypen and I-land 2 lol” as if that’s how contracts work. Aren’t HYBE stans embarrassed at their own behavior, lol? Even going as far as to cry monopoly as if HYBE isn’t the one trying to take over the entertainment market. Isn’t this like the hundredth music label they have taken over already? Meanwhile, as big as Kakao is, they are an IT company, not an entertainment company. Taking over SM would not give them a monopoly on the market.

spicy spice

there’s no difference among any company stans tbh. all they did is just defend their fav no matter how bad it was. company stans are the dumbest thing to exist in kpop thou.


Hybe should let the dead horse be. Let the two monopolies take over, break it in pieces and disolve SM please

Grace Walker

CJ Entertainment, release a statement the rumor is not true.


Why would they admit to going behind HYBE’s back when HYBE is currently in a deal with them? Obviously someone snitched.


all hybe got is some money and bts as a bragging rights but they had these two giant companies going against them. like, what kind of a monster company did bts build??

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