[Breaking News] HYBE takes over SM, buys 14.8% shares of Lee Soo Man, becomes the largest shareholder

[Breaking News] HYBE takes over SM… Buys 14.8% shares of Lee Soo Man, becomes the largest shareholder

HYBE, BTS’s management company, will take over SM Entertainment, a big K-pop company

HYBE made a public announcement on the 10th that they will buy 14.8% of the shares held by Lee Soo Man, the largest shareholder of SM, for 422.8 billion won

1. It’s much better than Kakao

2. HYBE is amazing and crazy

3. Feeling like I’m watching the world change

4. Lee Soo Man is selfish. He previously said he didn’t want to sell it to HYBE, but he didn’t want to resign, so he sold it HYBE;; He is crazy

5. What’s happening?… I hate SM and Lee Soo Man, but I hate exclusivity even more…;;

6. BTS is seriously the legend of all time ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. I hate HYBE.. They’re taking over K-popㅋㅋㅋ

8. 10 years ago, Big Hit wasn’t even a small and medium-sized company.. BTS helped them acquire SM, BTS is the King of Kpop

9. BTS is amazing, Lee Soo Man is trash in the end and I’m curious about Bang Si Hyuk’s future

10. How much money does HYBE have?

11. Lee Soo Man is really selfish

12. SM idols, you don’t know that there will be a day like this even in your dreams

13. Lee Soo Man is too selfish.. I’m curious about BTS’s income

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It is what it is

I don’t understand half of what is going on but it really is starting to look like gane if thrones ??
At the end of the day, the biggest losers are SM idols. What would happen with exo and aespa that are preparing their comeback? Or TVXQ and SHINee that are old groups that deserves a comeback after so long.
Hybe or Kakao won’t care of any of this


perhaps they will return a little later than expected, but hybe said in a press release that they will not interfere with sm content, even the multiverse and multi label will not touch. The changes will be made only within the label, which was previously complained about by employees like too much work and stuff

White cat

Based on how hybe handle .they usually gave their subsidiary revenue and let them handle its by independently.


That will be still up to the management team and neither hybe and kakao would really interfere. They’ll probably reorganize the company structure but those changes take a long ass time to be noticeable. It’s more like IP? so gwangya and ai concept is more likely to be gone or changed than the idols’ work

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these groups are has beens anyway 😂
nobody cares if they did a cb or no

WhatsThe Point

8. 10 years ago, Big Hit wasn’t even a small and medium-sized company.. BTS helped them acquire SM, BTS is the King of Kpop

Lmaooo sm tried buying out BTS from bang pd back when they were rookies and look at this now. The company made by BTS bought them out😚.
Life is so unpredictable huh.
Now I want hybe to live upto kpop stans allegations and disband these groups one by one☝️.


They already did one with gfriend tho. Evil company


Good, and now they have LSF, do the same to sm groups then please

Hi, I'm Guest

They need to disband more, maybe those useless flop nct as whole, or exoflop, that is very much needed 🤞😌🤞


Some flops and some dozens. I don’t understand why are you’re interested in these flop groups 🤡


Buddies are so annoying to me… Yall barely streamed and bought GFRIEND’s music but wanted to act surprised and hurt when they were disbanded since they were barely making any profit.

And this is the case for a lot of groups and fandoms. Yall will entirely forget about certain groups but will cry blasphemy when they’re disbanded 🤦🏼‍♀️


can you imagine how desperate you’d have to be to sell all your shares and beg for companies to acquire you?

sm’s in the gutter…


don’t know why sm stans are screaming crying throwing up over this like i’ve seen some claim they’re gonna stop buying their faves’ albums if the money will go to hybe and could you imagine hating hybe/bts so much that you stop supporting your faves lol?? as if having kakao would be any better, you know kakao the bully who removed your faves’ music off of spotify out of bitterness and fear of competition? but well i guess that doesn’t matter when it’s not something associated with bts!

anyways, i’m pretty sure hybe has stated they won’t interfere with sm so unfortunately i don’t think any sm group will be disbanding except for the ones due for it </3


they did not buy any albums anyway 😂 lmaoooooooo !
sm’s groups have been flopping like 💩 in the past few years lol


This is so funny
Hybe became SM’ major shareholder thanks to BTS and Army’ money lol


Damn BTS really be making BILLIONS

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

So funnt watching SM stans’ meltdown on Twitter 😂


if HYBE manage to acquire 25% more. SM Stan’s going to writher and pass out 🤣


for real! 😂👏


Thanks to BTS ✨


All this bc of bts’ money btw…. bts are carzy fr.


BTS paved the way once again, all the money they made allowed Hybe to buy sm. And they only say they got their hands on LSM shares, but it sure wasn’t the only ones they bought. Sm stans are very scary now, it’s all curses on twt, but you know, if they support their favorite, the money will go to hybe and inevitably to BTS, how ironic eh? I hope hybe will check the accounts well and check which groups make profit and which ones it’s time for them to disband. 



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