[Breaking News] HYBE takes over SM, buys 14.8% shares of Lee Soo Man, becomes the largest shareholder

[Breaking News] HYBE takes over SM… Buys 14.8% shares of Lee Soo Man, becomes the largest shareholder

HYBE, BTS’s management company, will take over SM Entertainment, a big K-pop company

HYBE made a public announcement on the 10th that they will buy 14.8% of the shares held by Lee Soo Man, the largest shareholder of SM, for 422.8 billion won

1. It’s much better than Kakao

2. HYBE is amazing and crazy

3. Feeling like I’m watching the world change

4. Lee Soo Man is selfish. He previously said he didn’t want to sell it to HYBE, but he didn’t want to resign, so he sold it HYBE;; He is crazy

5. What’s happening?… I hate SM and Lee Soo Man, but I hate exclusivity even more…;;

6. BTS is seriously the legend of all time ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. I hate HYBE.. They’re taking over K-popㅋㅋㅋ

8. 10 years ago, Big Hit wasn’t even a small and medium-sized company.. BTS helped them acquire SM, BTS is the King of Kpop

9. BTS is amazing, Lee Soo Man is trash in the end and I’m curious about Bang Si Hyuk’s future

10. How much money does HYBE have?

11. Lee Soo Man is really selfish

12. SM idols, you don’t know that there will be a day like this even in your dreams

13. Lee Soo Man is too selfish.. I’m curious about BTS’s income

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