Breaking news) Jennie’s dating rumors

Breaking news) Jennie’s dating rumors

“The two of them reunited in the heart of New York, looking so happy when they saw each other again, holding hands tightly and talking endlessly. Afterwards, the two of them ate together at a restaurant and continued their intimate time”

with Rosé

[+88, -62]

1. [+72, -90] Can’t they hold an umbrella themselves?

2. [+66, -17] The hate comments below are really ugly. Rosé shared photos of herself walking while being filmed by a photographer abroad, so she shared them with her fans. I don’t know who those haters are, but don’t touch her

3. [+54, -89] Can’t they hold their own umbrellas? Are they hands-free?

4. [+50, -4] Jennie Rosé, everything is captured

5. [+41, -4] They are so cute

6. [+33, -4] It was suspicious from this point on

7. [+21, -10] Please hold your own umbrella!

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