British music review magazine NME reviews Baby Monster’s album

British music review magazine NME reviews Baby Monster’s album


Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twiceㄷㄷ

1. I’m really not interested at all… the song and everything else are boring

2. It’s just that the quality of YG’s songs is no longer the same as before

3. No, the members have good looks and skills but their planning skills are at zero level

4. I think the comparison will become more intense when Teddy’s girl group debuts

5. I thought it was a BLACKPINK song

6. To be honest, BLACKPINK is just like 2NE1, but foreigners don’t know about 2NE1 so BLACKPINK exploded. Now if a group like BLACKPINK appears, of course they don’t get much attention

7. I think it’s important that it’s not Teddy’s song

8. Looks like Teddy played a bigger role than I thought

9. All I can think about is BLACKPINK, and the song isn’t even that good

10. Producers are really important… Teddy is amazing

11. After seeing this post, I watched Baby Monster’s music video and it looked similar to BLACKPINK’s

12. The problem isn’t that the concept is the same, it’s just that the song is disappointing

13. YG = Teddy

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