BTS ’21st century pop icon’ with the most #1 songs on US Billboard Hot 100 chart in the past 10 years

BTS proves their status as ’21st century pop icon’

BTS is the artist who has the most #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 in the past 10 years. BTS has 6 songs, followed by Drake (5 songs), Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift (4 songs), Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj (3 songs)

1. King

2. Kingtan

3. Is this possible? BTS’s record surprises me every time it’s revealed

4. 6 songs that are #1 on the Hot 100? Seriously daebak

5. As expected from BTS

6. Seriously awesome

7. Daebak

8. BTS is amazing

9. BTS are living legends

10. As expected, BTS is daebak

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congrats BTS !

And now Billboard making it harder for POC artists to chart 😪 crazy how their chart heavily relied on radio airplays rn


oh the times BTS made the music industry change their chart/award rules to prevent them like they would even make their most prestigious charts & award shows a circus just to stop them,NO ARTIST can threaten the whole industry like them.NO ONE can be BTS.not even slightly near them.


They are truly kings, no one in Korea can match them, that’s why no other group can aspire to this. Proud of them.


We are lucky to live with BTS in the same century


waiting for the day BTS members’ solo songs break that top ten & go to no.1 too

Last edited 2 months ago by roza

BTS worldwide superstar legends and nothing will change that


This is why arguing with kpoppies is just a formality. Their barking changes nothing.

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