BTS’ achievement in their 8th year, NewJeans did it in 6 months

BTS’ achievement in their 8th year… NewJeans did it in 6 months

New Jeans set record for entering the Billboard Hot 100 in 6 months since their debut last July

Before that, BTS debuted on Billboard Hot 100 after 4 years and 3 months with ‘DNA’ (No. 85) released in October 2017 and BLACKPINK debuted on Billboard Hot 100 after 1 year and 10 months with ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ (No. 55) released in June 2018

So far, only BTS, BLACKPINK, and NewJeans have two or more songs on the Hot 100 chart at the same time

BTS debuted in 2013 and had two songs that entered the Hot 100 chart in March 2020 with “On” (#4) and “My Time” (#84). BLACKPINK, debuted in 2016, entered the Hot 100 simultaneously with ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘Lovesick Girls’ in October 2020

1. Without BTS, there would be no NewJeans

2. HYBE really crossed the line

3. Can they be successful in 6 months without the path that BTS has worked so hard to build and go ahead for many years?

4. This is ridiculous. BTS, please don’t renew your contract with HYBE. I really hate HYBE

5. I know that HYBE has mindset that they just need to protect their stock price, but they crossed the line

6. Seriously….. I feel sorry for BTS!

7. K-pop was able to go straight to the world thanks to BTS

8. I’m not a fan of BTS, but I just wish BTS would leave HYBE

9. Who do you think paved the way? It’s BTS

10. Are you a reporter who has a grudge against NewJeans?

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Who tf write this article?
This feels like old day cheap slander from big companies rookies stans.
“Xxxxx achieved this in xx months that BTS needed xx years to achieve”
What a bs.
BTS literally started as underdog, the comparation is not apple to apple.


Everyone know this articles from hybe to convince the investors that they are fine without bts


I think it’s Armys time to show hybe how “fine” they are really without bts



Lazy Banana

Yup. If it were 1 or 3 articles, I would’ve attributed it to just some journalists making a fuss but goddamn 20 articles with the same shit and I just know Hybe is paying for those headlines.


the delusion..i’d be sure the investors have no brain if they believe that company can live for just a day with paks on fruit chart & without BTS’s money


If anything, newjeans was able to debut and easier access to billboard/opportunities thanks to BTS.


they chart because of Spotify stream. even before bts charted on hot100, other kpop artist already charted there.

WhatsThe Point

But BTS still brought a lot of exposure to kpop and sk, whether u like it or not


Some kpop acts did chart on hot 100 before BTS but they had a short lasting effect that could never stay and benefit the rest of kpop . But when BTS did it , they gave kpop massive exposure. Their influence gradually increased and it was after this that kpop in general starting doing well globally.


who? 😂 only wg did it


reading these stuffs everywhere reminds me of bts’ emotional speech during their ytc’s concert


The mediaplay is crazy


Newjeans will ended BTS with BTS money for media play on Spotify and radio play achievements 🤣

Guest who

Oh really? BTS are in their 10th year with massive success, I wonder if Newjeans will even exist after 7 years since ggs are discarded by the gp pretty quickly when they see a shiny new toy.


Hype believe otherwise 😜


7 years?😂 they will be lucky if they lasted for 1 year


see if newjeans can even survive until 10years first you dumb bitch


1 year will be a lot lol


Without BTS there’s no Bighit. Without Bighit there’s no hybe. Without hybe there’s no ador and new jeans with tons of financial aid to produce 4MVs.


This article is hybe mediaplay.


Not their real enemy been in there own household lmaooo


BTS sucess was gradual and more organic. They rose from bottom lets not forget it. And this nj or even hybe wouldn’t have existed in first place if BTS didn’t have made on top. It’s always surprises me that even some “Armys” are dragging BTS nowadays shoving this new gg achievements down the throat. Not to mention the own pedo ceo is trying to only credit herself for this group’s success story. As if Armys already don’t know where those playlisting and streams are actually coming from. Not to mention those individual luxury brand deal.
I always said it when Armys were first going soft on this group. It’s gonna be this way. But they really thought it would not happen and nj fandom and ceo are angels or something. Now even hybe is acting crazy like this. Now you really want to support any act under this label apart from bts really…
Cause i never have or never will.


Do new jeans even have any sort of fandom? I only see Armys muti stanning them ngl.


most gg stans that hates bts already jumping into their fandom now that these girls achieved all this success

Lazy Banana

Hybe is a wholeass idiot. BTS already gets massively downplayed by kmedia and they have to stick the knife in too, huh?

They’re really sacrificing the 10-year-old biggest group in the world with their massive fandom for a rookie group which gained success fast but which we never know if they can even fucking maintain since 4th ggs are a dime a dozen. In the entire world history, there has never been a girl group with the same level of fame as BTS and has remained as a group for a long time. Hybe is such an ungrateful bastard.


At least say thank you to BTS you shameless people


7 & 9 spilled


Rookies ended bts, their solos and group songs


Getting some achievement already done by BTS = rookies ended BTS??? Delusional.

Wake us up when they have an album which sold 4 million, an all-stadium tour, a no. 1 on the Hot100, a daesang sweep, 70 daesangs, awards and nominations by the big 3 award shows in the biggest music market in the world and then let’s talk about ending BTS. Atp yall stanning a rookie gg who might be overtaken by next year lmao.


Let’s see in few years 🤪


its been 8 years they had the time to get all this xD

Another Guest

I wonder if Newjeans will even have time to get that. Ggs don’t have the same longevity and are forgotten by the gp if they even release a song that doesn’t fit them. Good luck cause YGNGG and I-Land is coming.


This is definitely a very problematic article. Anyways, let’s not ignore that they are very privileged and were already associated with BTS’s name (being under the same label) since before their debut which was why people were interested in them. I feel like they wouldn’t receive this much hype even before their debut if they’re not under the same label as BTS. With or without MHJ’s influence. Just like how Nepo babies have to acknowledge their privilege in the industry, I think that all the newer groups under Hybe will also need to acknowledge their privilege of having BTS under the same label which helps in boosting recognition. I mean the only reason Hybe exists right now is because of BTS. There is no denying it. Without BTS, there’s no Hybe. What NewJeans has is more than just company-privileges. It’s the BTS-privilege. They were able to achieve this level of sucess because of that. While BTS were able to achieve the success they have right now without any privileges and they relied solely on their own perseverance and hardwork.


It’s a good decision to support BTS only, not the whole company


i wonder just how many times the history needs to repeat for these empty headed btches to find out this obvious truth


And who’s the one made that possible???? BTS.


Armys whole attention was on hating Blackpink guts and calling them all types of btchss that didn’t realize their real enemy was sleeping in their own bed, they literally were building on top of their favs success and didn’t even realize lmaoooo


BP is also building on top of BTS’ success wdym lol


BP riding BTS name from debut until now, from spotify profile to AM to articles, wdym? “Female version of BTS, next BTS, music mixed with BTS & 2ne1”, no difference. But, I’ve never seen “BTS is next Psy”. The only one I heard, they compare BTS with The Beatles, thanks to great answer from Yoongi,never heard again that comparison, but can’t say the same with your girls.


No bc why y’all act like your favs local and International success wasn’t ever compared to first to those hags on yg and later to One Direction the Beatles shit came later so let’s not bc if we play by y’all rules maybe we can dismiss and belittle your favs success the same exact way, anyway while your focus remains on a group that you claim to not give a fuck your favs company is writing articles about how they’re doing your favs 6 yrs of hard work in 6 months, maybe focus on that.

Last edited 2 months ago by Larz

bp? 😂 we dgaf about them….


Oh but you do, nawel.


Korea really don’t deserve BTS. The audacity…


An analogy… BTS is the founder of Samsung. NJ is the latest heir of the Samsung dynasty.


They’re clearly manipulating the charts by playlisting the fuck out of their songs many fandoms got evidence of it but army keeps defending them like ??? wake up already they’re building a career on top of your faves work but y’all keep supporting them all bc of this weird obsession to stan any girl group that can take on that gg y’all love to hate now it’s coming back to bite y’all in the ass.

Last edited 2 months ago by TayLord

Making this comparison, it won’t help NJ, you’re just going to piss off KArmy and I assure you Hybe that you don’t want that. Without BTS, there wouldn’t be this group and all the opportunities it has enjoyed thanks to our guys. Be respectful of Bangtan’s legacy, or karma will catch up with you. 

WhatsThe Point



Honestly all this wouldn’t happen if Min Heejin close her mouth .Should sit there instead doing interview everyday , boasting about Newjeans 👤 Now these poor girls are getting dragged because of her.


After all of this the only gg which i seriously like is only twice. They never deemed themselves as next BTS. And their success is truly organic in every way and form. This article is so problematic and such a turn off really.


Why limit only ON and My Time? They chart and debut 3 songs simultaneously from MOTS7 (ON, My Time, Filter), all tracks from BE except Skit, n 2 from Proof ( YTC n Run BTS). Limit 2 songs just to match the other 2 groups 🤦‍♀️


Either the writer does not know what they are talking about or this is another attempt at downplaying the boys.


There is a huge difference between BTS starting from the bottom as an underdog and organically making their way up vs Newjeans debuting privileged using the money and influence that BTS has been making for Bighit/Hybe for years. BTS built that company and have carried it on their backs for years. The audacity to disrespect them!

Also the person, who wrote that article/post, is an ignorant dumbass. Not only did BTS have On #4 and My time #84 on HOT 100 at the same time in March 2020, there was also Filter at #87 at the same time…b*tch.


Okay I’m asking because i really don’t know
But why they’re talking like HYBE write this? Isn’t the reporter?? Or is this official release from the company?


nothing agaisnt the girls, but hybe payola and mediaplay is so annoying, and the girls arent even THAT talented. Yes they sing well and dance well, but there are better performers on 4th.
They need to grow up and get better to earn success, min heejin is getting too cocky for having hybe money


No need to compare with BTS just thank them


bts brought 50 billion $ to s.k economy, they have 47m album sales,400 awards including 72 daesangs,billboard & ama. bts were honored by the s.k gov 3 times, performed and nominated at the grammy. they are the most streamed artist on youtube and the most streamed group on spotify 😂
they were on times 100 most influencial people list, they broke historical records by MJ , the beatles beyonce, drake, taylor swift and adele. they performed in the world’s biggest stages and stadiums !!!!!!!
and newjeans??? what did they do???
once they bring 0.1% of these achievements plz talk. 😂😂😂


Will have to see how long they can maintain their popularity. Eventho the step & process of BTS success took a long time to achieved, but that what makes it so special to armys. No hate to all the girls tho. Love their music btw. Just hate the mediaplay.

Verónica Zito

Sin bts no existiría ese grupo sencillamente porque bts levantó esa empresa.


??? Literalmente sin BTS ese grupo ni hybe existiría y saliendo de una cuna de oro todo es más fácil, so… chupense un pito 😽


They say what u build easily and fast will crumble faster so bts will always be first ahead of all of them if they got attention faster doesn’t mean they r more successful
Also hybe stocks dropped by 25% just by hearing bts will go on “hiatus” back in june so why’s hybe shitting with us


BTS has timeless songs. NJ makes me feel uncomfortable, not to mention MHJ’s issue of allegedly glamorizing pedophilia..

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