BTS’ album that costs 297,000 won ‘Proof (Collector’s Edition)’

BTS’ album that costs 297,000 won ‘Proof (Collector’s Edition)’

1. This has really crossed the line

2. They sell it for 300,000 won and we only get 1 random photocard? Are you kidding me?

3. 300,000 won??? Are they crazy???????

4. HYBE likes to release the best albums. Is it necessary to release the best albums? Fans must have also bought many albums before

5. Who bought this album??

6. 300,000 won???? 300,000 won???? I guess they just ignore that price because BTS is so famous

7. I remember being shocked when I saw the price. There were a lot of fans who boycotted it

8. It seems like BTS fans were the ones who bought it without any objection

9. There were many fans boycotting the album because it was not reflected on the album charts

10. Since they made money with BTS, they applied it to Seventeen as well

11. I’m glad I didn’t buy it

12. The only album I didn’t buy;;;;;;

13. Despite this, they remain loyal to the company

14. Fans complained a lot about it, but there were still many foreign fans who bought it so HYBE ignored the complaints

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