BTS and TWICE seem to start dating later than expected

I thought they would start dating soon because of the group’s popularity and fame, but I’m surprised that they started dating a little later than I thought

1. I really like BTS and TWICE… I hope they promote for a long time

2. Both groups are amazing ㅠㅠ Be happier and more successful~

3. Because both groups want to be active as a group for a long time

4. TWICE and BTS are the best groups. I hope they get better! I love all the songs that came out today!

5. Maybe that’s why they became top groups and anyway, both are amazing

6. Both groups have been popular for a long time and I think it’s because they love their groups

7. The group’s career has been solidly built, so it’s stable and feels good

8. Both are good! I think they will last for a long time

9. It’s because they want to focus on group activities

10. BTS and TWICE don’t have individual activities. They didn’t date because they wanted to do well in their group activities

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