BTS and TWICE seem to start dating later than expected

I thought they would start dating soon because of the group’s popularity and fame, but I’m surprised that they started dating a little later than I thought

1. I really like BTS and TWICE… I hope they promote for a long time

2. Both groups are amazing ㅠㅠ Be happier and more successful~

3. Because both groups want to be active as a group for a long time

4. TWICE and BTS are the best groups. I hope they get better! I love all the songs that came out today!

5. Maybe that’s why they became top groups and anyway, both are amazing

6. Both groups have been popular for a long time and I think it’s because they love their groups

7. The group’s career has been solidly built, so it’s stable and feels good

8. Both are good! I think they will last for a long time

9. It’s because they want to focus on group activities

10. BTS and TWICE don’t have individual activities. They didn’t date because they wanted to do well in their group activities

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Heechul and Momo were definitely dating long before they confirmed it tho. They were seen together in her hometown like 2 years before the news came out, and 6 months before they confirmed it the media reported it just after Jihyo and Daniels news but they denied it and luckily everyone believed them bcos we really thought their onscreen romance line was just a thing for the variety shows. There’s also a clip of Nayeon saying to heechul “but you and momo…” on knowing bros, in which he looks at her really shocked and she’s smiling and then says something innocent, but looking back it’s so obvious what was going on. So in Momos case at least she was dating years ago, and it’s fair to say that’s more than likely the case for the other members because either they would have an agreement that they all don’t date for the first few years to focus on the group or not have any controversies, or they were dating but just knew to be extra cautious. They are the only big 3rd gen gg to have 2 members have confirmed boyfriends so I wouldn’t say they started dating later in their career than other 3rd gen ggs


why a text of that size?? just says they prefer to keep the relationship private


Disqus madefaka


In any case, these people should be allowed and accepted to date whenever they’re ready. Stop telling these fans they have a chance with these idols. Stop making idols feel guilty for wanting to be in a relationship. Their personal lives have nothing to do with their music.


bts never had a dating ban though, they know how to keep their relationships private

just lurking

BTS dating rumors before they hit big in 2017
JK x cube trainee
JK x lovelyz yein
JK x gfriend sinb
Jin x laboum solbin
Jin x comedian
Tae x ha jiwon
Tae x han seohee
Jimin x rv seulgi

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