BTS and TXT are in the Top 10 album sales in the US in 2022

Look at the ranking

[+157, -4]

1. [+65, -0] Big Hit raised the kids so well

2. [+60, -0] I thought BTS would be there, but I didn’t know that TXT would do so well in the US

3. [+55, -0] TXT ranked 8th place

4. [+47, -0] Can’t wait for TXT’s January comeback

5. [+40, -0] Big Hit idols are doing so well in the US

6. [+18, -0] TXT gets a lot of hate on Pann ㅠ But they are doing well and are so popular. BTS is the most popular in Korea, US and Japan

7. [+14, -0] TXT is daebak

8. [+9, -0] ❤️

9. [+6, -0] BTS is the group that sold the most albums in the US this year

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hybe idols are doing really well on US , lesserafim charting very amazing there and they don’t do any US promos this cb. newjeans also be able to chart on Spotify US with their debut songs.

I think they learned a lot from managing BTS on the US and they applied it on the other idols under them and now they are all thriving luckily. Not as successful as BTS but very impressive among their peers. And they also treat Kr , Jp and US fans equally , there are too many instances that I see on 2nd gen mostly when they push their idols/artists to US/Japan , the companies neglected Kr fans a lot


i feel like a big key factor that sets hybe us promotions apart from other k-ent companies is how they refuse to pander. they make things accessible via distribution and english subtitles and let people discover them naturally. it never feels like le sserafim, txt, enhypen, or new jeans are being shoved down people’s throats, so people are more inclined to listen to them with an open mind. the same can’t be said with mvs playing as ads and nonstop sponsored ig/twitter/tiktok posts.


congrats txt


What? I thought skz will be there

Dot Com

Media play really be doing yawl in


I see. Ig they’re really flop in the US. The way their stans being so loud about their presence in US kinda annoying 😊


The self proclaimed biggest girl group blackpink is nowhere to be found lmao. Even after YG’s heavy mediaplay making it look like they are in competition with bts. Just because a group is 2nd doesn’t mean they are anyway close to the top. Blinks can stfu now.

Also their low sales in US proves how majority of BP popularity comes from SEA and China. Having a Thai idol also helps.

Dot Com

Every word was the gospel


I mean, look at them girlies do 40 concerts in an arena with a pricey tix but lackluster performances just so yg can media play midpink beat BTS’s touring records 🤣🤣🤣 pathetic bunch

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Unrelated to the context:

Pannkpop stop being a bich and get that blue tick if you dare

Now related context:
Congratulations to both groups


Pannkpop if you are the one downvoting me. You’re a coward.


Bangtan is impressive, but I was expecting to see other groups on the list that boast huge success outside of Korea, but I guess success isn’t so much.


BTS paved the way

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