“BTS doesn’t consider the costs at the forefront in national events” Netizens think that HYBE uses BTS as shield

HYBE “BTS doesn’t consider the costs at the forefront in national events”

HYBE remarked that BTS did not consider the costs at the forefront in national events, always carefully considering support from the government as it is the taxpayers’ money

1. But why are they suddenly releasing a statement like this?

2. I feel sorry for BTS. When will they leave HYBE?

3. Why is HYBE making this statement? The government should do it and the Busan city should do it

4. I really hate that they use the members as shields

5. Busan city uses HYBE as shield and HYBE uses BTS as shield

6. Don’t renew your contract with HYBE

7. Only BTS and the fans are pitiful

8. They always hide BTS’ achievements, but it’s only at times like this that they mention BTS

9. I really hope that BTS won’t be participating in the national event anymore

10. I hate Busan, I hate HYBE too, I feel sorry for BTS

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Sometimes I don’t like HYBE either. But this statement is actually important. Many korean netizen had speculate “why hybe support this concert so much, they even willingly to cover the budget? Why they do that? Is there something that the company want from the government? Are they want BTS to be exempt from the millitary?”. These disgusting speculation are the reason why HYBE make this statement. So why you guys now questioning their statement? In the statement (if you guys read all of it), HYBE clearly stated that they willingly cover the finance problem only because they cannot let BTS perform in just a regular stage. BTS is a worlD famous group and they always famous with their large scale concert.They always serious and putting Army as their priority on how to have fun with the ARMY in all of their concert (Just watch their stadium tour video).
So of course they will do anything, so that BTS can perform in an amazing concert for the ARMY(even though they must covered billions money without collecting any money from the ticketing concert itself).
They just want to support BTS and ARMY. That’s All. So when those disgusting speculation made by media and antis getting more out of control, do you think HYBE and BTS will not upset and they should just stay silent without statement?


Look. A delusional fan who doesnt know how business work😂😂😂😂


Did you read what you wrote? “because they can’t let BTS perform at a regular stage” that’s what we called throwing BTS under the bus.
They’ll blame BTS if something happened

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