BTS fans harass BLACKPINK members, including their Instagram comments full of violent misogynistic remarks over spotify wrapped

Not for the first time BTS fans are harassing BLACKPINK members and terrorizing their Instagram comment sections with vile remarks over stats that the girls themselves arent aware of it or even care, not to mention the xenophobic comments made on Twitter over Lisa being Thai, for a group that says to be all avout inclusion and who literally makes speeches snd brag about say speeches to fight against Asian hate, they have millions of fans harassing 4 Asian women on a daily basis, all those woke commentary and “deep” lyrics only to nurture a group of fans that are mostly women that constantly attack with s*xist and misogynisti remarks 4 women they dont know and who had done nothing to any of then or the boy group they are fans of, this never will end cus that fanbase is already deeply disturbed and the artist they are fan of actually encourage that behavior contradicting all those UN and White house empty speeches