BTS fans harass BLACKPINK members, including their Instagram comments full of violent misogynistic remarks over spotify wrapped

Not for the first time BTS fans are harassing BLACKPINK members and terrorizing their Instagram comment sections with vile remarks over stats that the girls themselves arent aware of it or even care, not to mention the xenophobic comments made on Twitter over Lisa being Thai, for a group that says to be all avout inclusion and who literally makes speeches snd brag about say speeches to fight against Asian hate, they have millions of fans harassing 4 Asian women on a daily basis, all those woke commentary and “deep” lyrics only to nurture a group of fans that are mostly women that constantly attack with s*xist and misogynisti remarks 4 women they dont know and who had done nothing to any of then or the boy group they are fans of, this never will end cus that fanbase is already deeply disturbed and the artist they are fan of actually encourage that behavior contradicting all those UN and White house empty speeches

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Real Walaun

I mean they openly selling themselves for their success 😭😭😭😭

Jj dw

Exactly how bitch


Quick ARMYS lets bring out the receipts


Oh wow really? What have your take on this behaviour from your own fandom blink?

And Armys do report this shit and get this user and people who hyped this up suspended asap.


It’s up for about a week. I already reported it many times.
Also post receipt cause they have wrote most disgusting shit about BTS and other groups.

Logic Thinker

Uhm bts was not seen dining with Jeremy ☠️

And just to make everyone aware bts are under the same company of Blackpink now… Interscope/Geffen. ☠️

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move on😭 but blinks finally got a new thing to latch on and cry about they’ll keep talking about it for the next two years


Add one more to the misogyny victimizing card i guess


lets see if it takes the crown from that accidental follow lol

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Really really amazed by those kind of treatments to fellow artists who is a weak female figure in this world. If B*S is a public figure of Korea, it can be think us who live outside Korea, really B*S encourage their fans actions?; which is much different with their speech at UN about peace& love?


Of course blink always spin this into victim narrative so payola keep going on. But karma is army this time. Lets not pretend how you all dragging other gg as well. You guys are not angel either lol.


Actually, Kpop is not everything in this world. They are human being first and that kind of attack to the girls (not only BP to everyone) from so called ‘Gentleman’ should not be acceptable. Woman should be treated with Respect, all are making music in the industry.. Commenting bad words, called as sl*t at their personal IG is way too much for the smallest Kpop case in the world.


Tell blinks to stop calling other women sl*ts and being transphobic towards jm first


Well didn’t you ppl said most disgusting towards Dahyun with s/ut shaming included. Just cause she removed the ad of you faves. Also shamed Sana cause she got invited for Prada event in Milan. Shamed Hwasa for opening her ig account at your faves birthday occasion. Shamed Nayeon cause you thought she was going for your faves concept for her solo. Shamed Chaeyoung just cause of same haircolor as your fave. I can go on and on. Just stop playing victim card.


like the payola their girlies do got nothing to do with their gender 😭😭


You are being misogynistic actually, why tf would you call women “weak female figures” STOP LEARNING FEMINISM THRU TWT, and tf are you even saying, blackpink are the ones with songs with lyrics putting down other women, maybe ask your own fandom why blinks love to use feminism to their own convenience while being vile and nasty to other women who arent their faves


Wooh, I have my own bias and I am SM stan. I’m not interest in both groups but is way too much. If we treat each other respect & equally, there wont be feminism. But now is you guys used L’s family (parent’s marriage, about her father), those are really un-necessary to be included. Those are not kpop debate between both fandoms anymore & becomes severe personal attack going on.

Another thing is all of you attack her with nationality.. please just don’t attack people easily with what you see, you may not know what is really going on with that person at the behind state. Just enjoy the music peacefully.

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Blinks were wishing death on jin and making rape jokes about jimin, you need to stfu if you dont know shit btw

WhatsThe Point

So that means bp encourages their fans to slutshame other ggs? To throw hate on BTS members? Making rape, pedo and death threats against them? Acting like y’all weren’t hating on the members as well as wishing death on jin with thousands of likes?


like it hasn’t been long since they called nj a ped0 by taking his speech out of context.

Dot Com

Well they definitely don’t try and stop their deranged fans from attacking other women and even children so that says a lot for a feminist group lol


OhMyGoD! DID YOU JUST CALL WOMEN WEAK?? fcking misogynist omg


blackstink fans got that victim mentality on lock 🥰

Dot Com

BP encourages shitty behavior from fans more than nearly any other artist. Blinks should be such pieces of shit if they want to be treated nicely. They’ve been bashing BTS since 2017/18 when they felt they were becoming global and play victim when called out. At least we can say BTS are decent people who play fair, same can’t be said about the BP girlies.


As expected blink want to spin this narrative by playing as victim. The irony when they openly dragging other gg as well numerous times. Karma is army this time. We not gonna make payola work this time.


Blinks just caught faking bts stan accounts to post fake hate tweets about the girls then cry victim later. i won’t be surprised if half of the hate came from their own fandom. this is not something new, they’re known for doing this multiple times

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Also their own fandom has strong solo stans too. I am betting same lisa fans being dragging other members as well. They just love using woman card when its to bg stans.


Blinks and Lisa stans should be the last person to call out misogynist. Attacking other gg, attacking their own member, faking a ss and slutshaming their own fave. Only blinks and lisa stans can do that

hello zzz

they attack the 3 members every single day especially to jennie.


Blinks still crying i know it was so embarrassing and humiliating after:

1. them celebrating jungkook streams being taken away
2. making up excuses and justifications
3. shading Jungkook

Just for Jungkook to go back to his crown LMAO


No doubt that karma hits hard 😋 payola girls have problems right now


I say ARMYS should call out this bullshit even more, we’re already public enemy #1 so we have zero fcks left to give, we arent like blinks who love to lick the ass of western stans, if we didnt call spotify and trended #spotifycorrupt they wouldve never apologized lmao

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I see no lies in those tweets tho.


They spilled

Dot Com

The gospel was given

WhatsThe Point

Blinks are acting as if they aren’t at the frontlines to slutshame other gg members, even the solo stans (major part of their fandom) themselves slutshame other members.

Acting like y’all weren’t quick to call jk names when Spotify had changed the stats before getting called out by armys. Not our fault or BTS fault these girls were seen hanging out with Jeremy, one reason for us to doubt Spotify


Tell those army to preach what their faves told them, imagine having your fave as the ambassador of anti bullying campaign while the fandom is the biggest cyber bully on the net. Pathetic


love myself is anti violence toward children and teens, not anti bullying. most of these blinks are grown ass losers saying disgusting things about bts. give bad energy, receive the same energy in return. imagine creating fake army accounts just to create a victim narrative for blinks and bp. pathetic


Bts were campaigning for the protection of children and women from domestic abuse not for fuckass twt fanwars. Blinks really have the avarage IQs of 60 lol


That’s the reason they stan & listen to midpink in the 1st place. The music is for the stupid people 🤷‍♀️


No one taking a blank seriously. You all should donate your brains to science for delusional studies

WhatsThe Point

Blinks hate bp, BTS and armys so much that they go create fake army accs to slutshame their own faves, to set up armys. Not the first time, y’all have done this several times already and taking the same troll accs on insta as proof as if it wasn’t exposed that these accs are following bp members and they’re all same 4 accs that comment the same emojis, ur own fandom needs to be checked
Solo stans are rampant , they won’t hesitate to do all of this and y’all pass the blame onto us


do you want us to bring out the receipts for the sh!t your fandom has said about nj and the boys?? or are you going to hide behind your misogyny claims again while your fellow blinks harass other female idols and women for even being compared to your girlies? pathetic chutiyas 😒


blinks trying to play victim 😭😭


hmm, let’s see… blinks harass and doxx fans, including minors, organize mass dislike/hate campaigns and spread the most heinous rumors about any remotely successful artist and now they want people to feel bad for them?

you reap what you sow lol


Bp play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


I’m not a fan of BTS or BP but can the admin PLEASE stop letting people post fandom war related content??? It’s so annoying coming on this site and seeing only posts by stans of kpop groups going after their groups rivals and idols who they consider are flops/fake/cringy/rigged/etc…

Dot Com

Blinks talking about bullying and slutshaming? The call coming from inside the house.


Idc about who started it, both sides are wrong. Don’t defend this behaviour (watch me get down voted into oblivion 🥂)


oh you think you did something with this comment lmaooo


Lol, never said or thought that I did. I said both sides were wrong.

I said I’d get down voted and I did and I will continue to because people think two wrongs make a right 💀


Y porque no hace una investigación de igual manera con las fans de Blackpink ellas no están bien de su cabeza después de que anunciaron que los chicos de Bts iban al servicio militar ellas han deseado la muerte, que los violen incluso que les den un disparo en la cabeza haga su investigación como corresponda, inclusive mujeres cegadas por el fanatismo hacia Blackpink han denigrado a otras mujeres como ha las chicas del grupo femenino Twice, las blinks lo primero que solo saben decir es la misoginia, machistas y que no les gusta ver a mujeres triunfando pero son ellas las primeras en atacar incluso a un grupo de niñas como Newjeans

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