BTS fans stand up for member haters

Army’s always claiming that they are biggest fandom in the world. They always saying that BTS have only them . That Army’s priority is to support and protect members from haters.  But what happened now ? Fandom priority changed? One army Twitter accounts instead of being happy for member success and congratulating him decided to insult him,drag him and spread misinformation. Claiming that others deserve more than him and that olny biased people and media can praise him. There were a couple people who called them out , but biggest part of the fandom were standing up not for member but for person who literally shade him, insult him,. They were worried if that person is ok, and how she’s doing. Most shocking of this situation is that, this person first Twitter accounts was suspended for cyber bullying and for insulting people. So purple fandom just dropped member of the group for hater.

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