BTS fans still being violently misogynistic and towards Blackpink and trying to justify say violent misogyni

Armys (BTS fans) has been on a roll of misogynistic and s*xually harassing rants and trying to spread rumors about Blackpink members including in Korean forums

While fanwars will always happen, the extreme and dehumanizing s*xual harassment and violent misogyni that armys a fandom that is composed in a big majority of women (grown adult women by their fandom census) is disturbing, concerning and sickening

Is even more disturbing when say fandom brags constantly about the men they stan being better role models than everyone else in the world, using their speeches about inclusion, anti discrimination and anti hate as a badge of superiority against other fans of others kpop groups

Guess raging violence and s*xism and xenophobia and misogyni is the influence on their millions of fans from the “most influential” artist in the world

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playing victim of the year, disguisting fandom who always do the same.even worst now painted your face as the victim. didnt you the same even worse to bts too? or even the potential competitor. i hope you blonk get the worst life


Are you dumb?? Do you not see the tweets above?
BTS fans got caught slut shaming BLACKPINK for some stupid Spotify award or whatever the fxck that is. Fans arent mad cuz they didnt win anything. They’re mad cuz your stupid ass was slutshaming and making racist remarks to BlackPink.
I couldnt give a single fuck to whoever won that Spotify thing, but you all crossed the line when you decided to make up disgusting rumors.
Props to you for making yourself the victim even when those digusting tweets are up.


Please, the victim cards always slut shaming Jimin the most, and he is not even a woman. Remember when Jimin posted a selfie of him in long hair extension & wear a beanie? Lisa’s victim cards having a field trip slut shaming him over what? Over nothing. Stop being hypocrite. The act is mutual. Just called yourself a victim card after these. What a blink? I only know fandom called victim cards 🥴


Bl1nks are really good at playing victim card🥱


the title doesn’t even make sense, you can’t be an author just because you have an opinion, stick to twitter

but i will say, it’s kinda deranged all these girls have so much self hatred and misogyny, regardless if this is true or not don’t you feel disgusted at yourself ? you will eat your own before you let some man lose streams…. bizarre


no one cares, spotify & jeremy knew what they did wrong which is why they apologized to bts in the tweet.


he got caught on 4k for being corrupt i hope the spotify board is investigating his ass

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Pretty sure spotify board mad about this as they make him posted the tweet on his ig story as well. Blink love to play victim n try to divert the real issue of spotify being shady to be about their fave lmao. They dont care about spotify shadiness probably because they so used with their whole life of their faves being mediaplayed n have privilege to have all the connections. Everything always come easy for their faves. Never work hard. They only work hard to spend their times meeting all those ceos, producers, influencers lol


learn how to spell before you spew bullshit


Blinks are so funny. look at the mirror pls


there’s more


I wish the worst for their life. I will never forget what they did to Jungkook.


And jimin 🥺


And taehyung… and yoongi… and Jin… and joon… and Hobi….

hello zzz

seeing this is funny while the blinks I’m seeing on my twitter tl saying horrible things about other kpop girls & putting them down over fashion brands, just STOP! blinks are never going to be the victim. this wouldn’t be happening if spotify weren’t shady towards bts members songs to favor blackpink to be #1, spotify shareholders know that some of their staff were doing something illegal in which they apologized to the fandom & to BTS

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Blinks are just as terrible. If you’re going to post here, at least show us the two sides of a story. This is not your own personal blog.


armys are so racists and misogynistics ew they didn’t learn anything with their oppas songs of spreading love and being antibullying!! hope karma will hit them soon🤢


Ciee sok suci bgt


Blackpink members are slutssss and desperate to become famous.


You are proving the point, mysogynist 🤭


but its true theyve been hanging out w those influental people 🙊🤭 so its fkin obvious, btw blonk are the worst bully tho stop playing victim


Yeah will continue to call them hoes names until blinks learn what it actually means to be a feminist


How? Like you, a sexist?


Pffft! Our oppas said, love yourself. They didn’t mention anything about love your neighbours 😊 u want ARMYs love so bad? Earn it 🤭 karma is an ARMY I heard

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do blinks ever stop yapping? 😐😐 nobody likes y’all… not even your own favs lol

shein version of disqus

Arent blinks making r*pe jokes and giving thousands of likes to said twt and also shading newjeans for having brand deals


Armys in the comments… The fact that they did it back doesn’t mean anything. You’re both crazy. You need to be in a mental institution, all of you guys. This behavior is not normal and you should be ashamed. Genuinely freakish. Hope none of you have children.

shein version of disqus

Theyre posting twts with barely any engagement while blinks have twts shading other girl groups, wishing death on bts and r*pe jokes by accts with 10k followers


We wish the same thing to you too, Sumo.



WhatsThe Point

Whatever blinks say abt misogyny gets automatically null cuz they’re at the frontlines to be misogynistic to other ggs.
Hell this fandom is made of male white twinks, which makes blinks being misogynistic even worse


Hshshs playing the victim again. Y’all so bored if we gather all the misogynistic, slutshaming, calling minors names, transphobic, racism tweets, wanting a member to d!e in the military then what. I’m sorry armys are so busy with NEW MUSIC unlike blinkshit

Military Wife ⁷

Armys should go to a psychiatrist


Pannkpop seriously needs to shut down their user posts because this back and forth between blonks, akgaes and antis of idols is getting too much.

People already hardly visit this place anymore but these articles aren’t helping at all. Not to mention that they have to be admin approved, do admins seriously read these posts or what?

meow meow

no fr like they are just dragging twitter “beef” to another website like this is not NEWS


Blonks playing victim card again. first look at what you’ve done, what you’ve done, bitches. You already deserved this shit.


i wish y’all wouldn’t let just anybody post on here, it’s tiring


Now leeme spam you with receipts of how blinks are two faced hypocritical mfs.
First they preach like this like they did over here


But will write this about other female idols other than bp


Now lemme give you another example look at this blink’s peach now


Okay now look at things they wrote


I will give you one more of this mfs tweet ss


Now let’s move over to other mfing blinks who retweet stuffs about not s!0tshaming their faves. First look at their profile


Look at the things they retweet in their account


And look at the things they write about other female idols other than their own precious bp


And now they say they are fighting for all women rights and to stop s!0tshaming in kpop when they are pulling these hypocritical moves. Shame. Utter shame. Blinks are literally shameful. Cause if you need Armys to apologise to you. You also got tons of other people you need to apologise to.


Who keep teaching blinks new words to use?? Learn the meaning before tossing them around at least.

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Can y’all close this user post thing? It’s okay if we can’t post about things anymore. But these baseless news and shits like these are literally ruining your feed. And if you still wanna continue with this, please check the posts and things they are writing in it. It is growing pretty tiring now seeing this constant thing between blinks and Armys tbh.

I love blackpink

Must be nice for Jeremy oppa, go Lisa 😋

Dot Com

Actually armys aren’t mean enough to those fads. Imagine if we trended hashtags every time blonks slutshamed or wished death on a member. Every day there would be a new trend. That’s how pathetic blonks are.


jobs and hobbies are needed for the thai fraud cult


This is getting annoying admin. Please stop the allowing fans to make posts.


Not that armys are better but blink calling outmisogyny is the biggesy joker ever.

Also, can we stop allowinh just everyne from posting. Its getting annoying.


That’s why people hate Kpop.


Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

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