BTS fans still being violently misogynistic and towards Blackpink and trying to justify say violent misogyni

Armys (BTS fans) has been on a roll of misogynistic and s*xually harassing rants and trying to spread rumors about Blackpink members including in Korean forums

While fanwars will always happen, the extreme and dehumanizing s*xual harassment and violent misogyni that armys a fandom that is composed in a big majority of women (grown adult women by their fandom census) is disturbing, concerning and sickening

Is even more disturbing when say fandom brags constantly about the men they stan being better role models than everyone else in the world, using their speeches about inclusion, anti discrimination and anti hate as a badge of superiority against other fans of others kpop groups

Guess raging violence and s*xism and xenophobia and misogyni is the influence on their millions of fans from the “most influential” artist in the world